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Student Code of Conduct Quick View

Click on the links below to view the Student Code of Conduct Student Code of Conduct English Student Code of Conduct Spanish


Parent Handbook Attach Quick View

Click on the links below to view the handbook Parent Handbook 16-17 - English Parent Handbook 15-16 - Spanish


No Child Left Behind Title 1 Program documents Quick View

No Child Left Behind Title 1 Program Notice of Title I Program Eligibility-English Notice of Title I Program Eligibility-Spanish Barron Parent Involvement Policy-English Barron Parent Involvement Policy-Spanish Principal Letter regarding HQ staff-English Pricipal Letter regarding HQ staff-Spanish Title 1 Family/School Compact - English Title 1 Family/School Compact - Spanish


Assistance Center of Collin County Quick View

Directory of Human Services in Collin County, Tx Click the link above for the Directory of Human Services in Collin County (maintained by the Assistance Center of Collin County). They have provided services to local families for 35 years and has been a resource for collecting and distributing school supplies for our campuses.


Collin Creek Church Quick View

Collin Creek Church ministers to the families of Barron Elementary in various ways: - Providing food baskets for families in need - Gift cards of encouragement for teachers - Mentors for students - “Field Day” helpers - Volunteers who help the teachers with a number of different projects to help make their day easier - A Good News Club that meets for stories, songs, games, snacks and lots...


Library Quick View

Welcome to the Barron Library! Parents are welcome to come and check books out the library. Every day at 2:15 until dismissal the library is open for parent check-out. Please make sure to read to your younger children and that the older children read a minimum of 30 minutes. Consult the catalog, research a topic, find out great books


Collin County Clerk's Office Quick View

The Collin County Clerk's Office has also been very generous to Barron in their contributions and gifts for students and staff alike. They are very appreciated.


Capital One Quick View

Barron would like to thank Capital One for their generosity and hard work in making our courtyard a solace for staff and students alike. We appreciate it!! Capital One also provided Barron Elementary with boxes and boxes of student school supplies. Staff members also received a special treat from our friends at Capital One. Our continued relationship is one of much gratitude. We are blessed ...


Adopt-a-School Partner Quick View

Barron Elementary is pleased to become an Adopt-a-school campus partner with Alliance Data. Alliance has made a donation to the school for additional resources, teacher development, classroom supplies, after school snacks or any other needs the school needs. The Barron community thanks for Alliance Data for their support.


Title l Attach Quick View

The Title l program is designed to provide supplemental support to students who have been identified as scoring at or below the 25th percentile on district diagnostics and are at risk of not being successful on state assessments. All students who fail the STAAR test and attend a Title I school qualify for services. Additional staff positions and teaching resources are funded with the Title I f...


Plano Retired Teachers Association Quick View

The Plano Retired Teachers Association has adopted Barron Elementary as their school this year. They provided goodie bags filled for staff at the beginning of the year, presented a special book to principal Michele Loper and provided desserts and drinks on early release for the staff. Barron is so grateful for the community support that The Plano Retired Teachers Association has provided us.


Plano West Rotary Club Quick View

The Plano West Rotary Club is a proud sponsor of Barron Elementary. They have graciously donated money to help meet the needs of our students. The money has paid for our students to have snacks for after school tutoring, a drug free program and each student received a field day t-shirt. Barron is so grateful for the community support that The Plano West Rotary Club has provided us.


Plano Sunrise Rotary Club Quick View

The Plano Sunrise Rotary Club generously bought books for our library at Barron’s first book fair. We are anxiously awaiting the titles to add to our library collection! Students will enjoy the wide range of books selected. Each book will be signed and donated by various members of the Rotary Club including the fantastic Brenda Taylor and her grand children. Barron is so grateful for the commu...


Custodians Quick View

Francisco Avelina Jose


FANS Team Quick View

Susana Hernandez FANS Manager (469)752-0208 Food and Nutritional Service Menus


Specials Quick View

Jessica Quinlan Music & Team Leader (469)752-0274 Ellen Peralta Librarian (469)752-0227 more info Courtney McWhirter Art Specialist (469)752-0262 more info Chelsey Genovich Physical Education (469)752-0273 more info Ryon Simon Physical Education (469)752-0271 ryon.simon@pisd.ed...


LYNX Team Quick View

Ann Young Special Education Teacher & Team Leader (469)752-0275 Amanda Rodriguez Special Education Teacher (469)752-0241 Courtney Howard Special Education Teacher (469)752-0255 more info Lindsey Arena Special Education Teacher (469)752-0270 Suzanne Martin Special Education Teacher (469...


CATS Team Quick View

Janice Lauten Literacy Specialist & Team Leader (469)752-0219 more info Yomaida England Intervention Specialist (469)752-0207 more info Geva Martinez Intervention Specialist (469)752-0218 Lilli Wisler Intervention Specialist (469)752-0217 Rosie Potter Bilingual Instructional Support (46...


Office Team Quick View

Michele Loper Principal (469)752-0210 Ben Braden Assistant Principal (469) 752-0211 Rose Barnes Nurse (469)752-0209 Delia Rosa Office Manager (469)752-0203 Marcia Cajas Secretary (469)752-0202 Mitchelle Gomez Parent Liaison (469)752-0217 Pamela Maltsberg...


Fifth Grade Quick View

Lilli Wisler Intervention Specialist & Team Leader (469)752-0217 Penny Beazley Fifth Grade Teacher (469)752-0222 more info Deanne Whipple Fifth Grade Teacher (469)752-0224 more info Julie Harben Fifth Grade Teacher (972)752-0223 more info Pamela Cececeres Fifth Grade Teacher (972)752-0263 pam...