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Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Team

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Fourth Grade Policies

Planners: Beginning the first full week of school, students will have planners signed each evening by a parent/guardian.

Citizenship: Students are expected to be kind, considerate and respectful toward each other and school staff. Students are expected to behave in an age-appropriate manner and practice the 3 R's by being Respectful, Responsible and Ready to learn. We feel strongly that positive reinforcement and natural consequences are more beneficial than punitive measures. Every effort will be made to recognize students who demonstrate the citizen/character traits promoted by PISD. A poster depicting these traits hangs in every classroom. The number of infractions determines the Citizenship grade for each child: 0-4 E, 5-9S, 10-14 N and 15+ U. Please check with your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Work Habits: Good work habits and strong study skills are keys to success in learning. In the fourth grade, students are expected to be responsible for their own work and behavior. The number of infractions per nine weeks determines the Work Habits grade for each child: 0-4 E, 5-9 S, 10-14 N and 15+ U. Please check with your child's teacher if you have any questions.

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