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2014-2015 PTA President

Amy Hemphill

PTA on the Web: www.boggesspta.org

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Boxtops for Education


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Watch D.O.G.S.

WATCH D.O.G.S.® (Dads Of Great Students)

Attention all Dads or Special Male Persons of Boggess Students

All Fathers and Special Male Persons of Boggess students are invited to sign up to spend at least one day this year volunteering and serving as a positive male role model at the school. This will help increase a sense of security at the school and allow the Dads to engage in various activities such as welcoming students before school, reading to classes, tutoring small groups of students, interacting with the kids during recess, and having lunch with the kids.
Visit the WatchDOGS website and view the on-line calendar by coping and pasting the following URL into your browser http://boggessdogs.org/
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Don't Forget to recycle inkjet and laser toner cartridges and old cell phones to the Boggess Recycling Program. There is a green box with Benny Bengal on it between the 2 front doors to drop off your items.

Keep turning in your Box Tops and Soup Labels!
Please collect and place your Box Tops and Soup Labels in the two containers between the two sets of front doors. You're helping to raise money for our school!

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