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School Calendar - Brinker school year calendar Brinker AEIS Report - Academic Excellence Indicator System Report for Brinker Elementary District Calendar - District school year calendar.


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Amy Martinez-Chilcutt 469-752-0587


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Kyle Moody 469-752-0557 The elementary gifted program consists of two educational environments: (1) identified students receive enriched instruction several hours each week with the gifted specialist, and (2) students placed in the PACE program receive differentiated instruct...


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Jackie Ruggiere 469-752-0506 We believe that technology is a tool. It is not an education itself, and it does not and should not take the place of a well-trained professional teacher. It can, however, motivate students as well as staff, and enhance the curriculum. Technology brings, to every student, the opportunity to use real world communications systems while pro...


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Christina Stelzl 469-752-0514 Kacy Young 469-752-0553


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Coaches David Hall Jennifer Stanford 469-752-0590 Carmelita Jimison 469-752-0589 Courtney Warner 469-752-0535 Mission Statement To introduce students to foundational movements, skills, sports, and lifetime fitness activities in an environment of safety and fun.


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Counselors Sue Johnson 469-752-0515 Andrea Hale 469-752-0515 Mission The mission of the PISD Elementary Counseling Program is to provide guidance through a team approach so that students develop emotionally, socially, and academically in order to become responsible members of society. The purposes of individual counseling, group counseling, an...