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Calendar and Forms Quick View

School Calendar - Brinker school year calendar Brinker AEIS Report - Academic Excellence Indicator System Report for Brinker Elementary District Calendar - District school year calendar.


ESL Quick View

Amy Martinez-Chilcutt 469-752-0587


PACE Quick View

Kyle Moody 469-752-0569 Courtney Watts 469-752-0547 The elementary gifted program consists of two educational environments: (1) identifie...


Technology Quick View

Jackie Ruggiere 469-752-0506 We believe that technology is a tool. It is not an education itself, and it does not and should not take the place of a well-trained professional teacher. It can, however, motivate students as well as staff, and enhance the curriculum. Technology brings, to every student, the opportunity to use real world communications systems while pro...


Instructional Specialist Quick View

Julie Barnard 469-752-0514


Physical Education Quick View

Coaches John Bandy Jennifer Stanford 469-752-0590 Lilian Quigley 469-752-0589 Courtney Warner 469-752-0535 Mission Statement To introduce students to foundational movements, skills, sports, and lifetime fitness activities in an environment of safety and fun.


Counselor Quick View

Counselor Ashala Foppe-Morris 469-752-0515 [Counselor's Corner] Mission The mission of the PISD Elementary Counseling Program is to provide guidance through a team approach so that students develop emotionally, socially, and academically in order to become responsible members of society. The purposes of individual counseling, group counseling, and classr...


Music and Art Quick View

Music Teachers Kristin Moore 469-752-0591 Brittany McKissack 469-752-0531 Art Teachers Matt Grundler 469-752-0588 Stacey Medler 469-752-0537


Library Quick View

Cherri Miller Librarian 469-752-0527 Library Mission The mission of the Brinker Elementary School Library Media Program is to empower our students to become eager recreational readers, lifelong learners, problem-solvers, and independent researchers. We are committed to helping students achieve success in school. Through collection development, teacher collaboration, ...


Special Education Quick View

Special Education Teachers Carol Hughes, TL 469-752-0553 Sallie Diamond, TL 469-752-0546 Amy DeCarlo 469-752-0522 Linda Benson 469-752-0530 Carla Eubanks, Speech 469-752...


Fifth Grade Quick View

Team Mission Fifth grade students will develop a sense of self worth, a desire to help others, and a strong academic foundation from which to continue a lifelong pursuit of learning. MOTTO: Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. - Winston Churchill Teachers Kristine Hinds, TL 469-752-0571 Michelle Schuler michelle.s...


Fourth Grade Quick View

Team Mission We realize that each student has individual talents and instructional needs. We strive to assist each student daily in improving his or her academic and social skills. By encouraging children to produce quality work, we can empower students to be confident, self-directed learners and excellent concerned citizens. Teachers Christina Stelzl, TL 469-752-...


Third Grade Quick View

Team Mission Our mission is to promote a creative and positive environment in which our students can become risk takers in order to realize their unique learning potential to become successful life long learners. Teachers Tonya Griffith, TL 469-752-0554 Sloan Thompson 469-752-0551 Maddie Ziegler maddie....


Second Grade Quick View

Team Mission Our mission in second grade is to provide a safe environment where students can grow and develop into people of strong character who are concerned for others. We want to build a strong foundation for academic success by encouraging curiosity about their world around them. We desire to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for the children to acccomplish these goals. Therefo...


First Grade Quick View

Team Mission Statement We are learning to read now, so that we can read to learn later. Teachers Maureen Macaulay, TL 469-752-0540 Joyce Son 469-752-0539 Sydney Minter 469-752-0542 Witney Willhite witney&...


Kindergarten Quick View

Team Mission Statement Kindergarten is the place where educational dreams begin. Our goal is to give all children the foundation and love of learning so that they can be successful in making those dreams come true. Teachers Meagan Kreuter 469-752-0526 Jackie Brownlee 469-752-0524 Susan Snowden, TL 469-752-0531 Dawn ...


Office Staff Quick View

Beverly Arledge Office Manager 469-752-0503 Lana Bibby Secretary 469-752-0502 Meghan Franzke Nurse 469-752-0509 PISD Health page:


Staff Quick View

"All For One, One For All" Our staff of teachers, counselors, administrators, and support personnel at Brinker Elementary are dedicated to academic excellence and lifelong learning. Brinker Elementary has a caring staff dedicated to serving the needs of our students. We are dedicated to the success of every student. We strive to ensure that we support the mission of the district of "providi...