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Centennial's Fabulous PTA

Centennial PTA website

PTA does many things to ensure the students and staff at Centennial have optimal, exciting opportunities. The parent volunteers are a vital part of our success. Here are many of the programs and activities they sponsor.

Children’s programs: Cultural Arts Day; Texas Day; author visits; Reflections competition; publishing kits
Community Events: Fall and spring picnics; Mendenhall Elementary “sister” school programs
Grade Level Programs: Additional field trips; first, third and fifth grade musicals; STOP; Colonial Day; fifth grade celebration
Classroom Enrichment: Science Fair; Science Kits; teacher wish list
Student Affairs: Red Ribbon Week; Field Day; classroom parties
Educational Tools & Events: Agendas for all students; Bluebonnet Breakfast; Texas 2x2 breakfast; new books for library
Parent tools: Funding for substitute teachers to allow third, fourth and fifth grade spring conferences; PTA website – and newsletters
Scholarships: Patty Meyer scholarship awarded annually to graduating Centennial alumni, scholarships to families who need assistance with school related needs (school supplies, fifth grade Adventure Camp).



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