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writing using a mouse


Sky Writing
- Select a letter from the drop-down. Watch the airplane fly to make the shape of the letter and trace it with your finger.

Paint with Barney
- Click a color then use the paint bucket and/or pencils to color the picture of Barney.

Bead String
- Student clicks on a color then a shape and a bead goes on the string. Very open-ended; kids can make a pattern or just click the colors/shapes.
Lecky's Friends
- Click the Friends to Make link to
print a page kids can use to match. Click the graphic to start the game.
Fruit Fall
- Move the farmer back and forth to help him catch the falling fruit. Careful! They go fast! Use the graph to see how many you catch.

Help Lecky Paint the Picture
- Choose a picture for Lecky to paint and use your mouse to copy the colors in the picture.

Action Alphabet
- Click a letter to see an alphabet animation.

Balloon Pop
- The monkeys are floating away! Pop their balloons before they escape, then use the graph to see how many you caught.

Pet Clifford
- Click anywhere in the game and
see what happens. Great for youngest students with little or no mouse experience.
Boohbah's Bubbles Game
- Use your mouse to catch the bubbles.

Kai-Lan's Puddle Hop
- Help Kai-Lan splash in the puddles by clicking the mouse. Drag the mouse side-to-side to help her walk.
Monkey Music
- Use your mouse to move the monkey around. Each color will play a different song. Good for youngest users.

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