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Reading Quick View

Teachers: Click here  for Phonics resources you can use with your projectors.                     


Singing, Chants, Rhyming Quick View

Audio/Video links Online Games Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Video from Discovery Education   What's Different? In the Nick of Rhyme Help Super Grover and his friends find the rhyming words.    Back to Reading Language Arts Student Page


Science Quick View

Teachers: Click here  and  here  for Science resources you can use with your projectors.                  Try these web sites as substitutes for the OI that references Sammy's Science House:          ...


Vocabulary Quick View

Dogs on Ice - (from PBS/Martha Speaks)Help the dogs put a routine together using the directional words you hear.   Learning about Opposites from Fisher Price Students see an animation of opposite positional words (in front of/behind, open/closed, etc.) Then they click on the correct position.   Lionel's Talking Gizmo - Lionel ...


Life Science Quick View

PebbleGo - Learn about all kinds of animals!   Elmo's Footprint Game - Match the footprints, then see what kind of animal made the tracks!   Caillou's Dinosaurs - Uncover all the dinosaur bones, put them into the correct boxes, then put the bones together at the museum!         &...