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Classification / Patterns Quick View

Zoe's Pet Shelter - Help Zoe sort the animals by color or size.   Jay-Jay the Jet Plane: Snuffy's Opposites - Click the picture that is different from the one that Snuffy is holding.   Crazy Pattern Machine - Click the shape that completes the pattern.           ...


Measuring Quick View

Compare and Order - Click the biggest, tallest, etc. Click the graphic to start the game.   Simple Scales - Use the scale and see how much the bears weigh. Open-ended activity for problem-solving. Students will need guidance for using this activity.   Fruit Fall - Move the farmer back and forth to help him catch the falling ...


Adding / Subracting Quick View

Five Little Ducks - Nice animation to use as teacher and students sing the song.   Ladybug Wings - In the lower right hand corner, click the + sign. Drag the dot to either of the ladybug's wings. Numerals show the number on each wing and the total.   Laughs and Giraffes - How many spots does the first giraffe have? Give th...


Numerals / Counting Quick View

Balloon Pop - The monkeys are floating away! Pop their balloons before they escape, then use the graph to see how many you caught.   Count your Chickens with Curious George - Monkeys love chicks! Help Curious George count the chicks, then click the number that tells how many.   Count the Score - from Fisher Price Choose soccer, football,...


Shapes Quick View

Tangrams -Students select a shape, then drag the tangram pieces to match.   Let's Tesselate! - Choose a shape, then a color. Click Tesselate and see your shape repeat again and again to make a beautiful pattern.   The Story of Shapes - Listen to a poem about shapes. The mouse draws each shape as it is mentioned. More like...


Reading Quick View

New! Reading Bear - Reading Bear introduces phonics principles painlessly and systematically, while teaching new vocabulary.              Spelling with Caillou - Click the letters on the blocks to match the letters in a word.     Pat the Cat's Missing Letters - Read the sentence and decide which lett...


Sounds Quick View

Animal Sounds - from Fisher Price. Student hears animal sound and clicks the correct animal     Jay Jay's Jam - What musical instrument is making the sound you hear? After you guess, you can watch a short video of a child playing that instrument!         Sound Match - from Scholastic. Listen to the sound, click the ...


Letter Recognition Quick View

  Monkey Match - from Between the Lions. Concentration style game. Select upper/lower case letter match; beginning letter sound match; or rhyming word match   ABC Zoo - from Fisher-Price Press any key on the keyboard to hear a letter and an animal that begins with that letter.         A...


Reading Quick View

Teachers: Click here  for Phonics resources you can use with your projectors.                     


Oral Language Quick View

Animal Habitats Baby and Adult Animals Classroom Items       Clothing Colors Comparative Words       Family Food Household Items       Kitchen Items Movement Words Nature       Places Positional ...


Vocabulary Quick View

Dogs on Ice - (from PBS/Martha Speaks)Help the dogs put a routine together using the directional words you hear.   Learning about Opposites from Fisher Price Students see an animation of opposite positional words (in front of/behind, open/closed, etc.) Then they click on the correct position.   Lionel's Talking Gizmo - Lionel ...


Singing, Chants, Rhyming Quick View

Audio/Video links Online Games Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Video from Discovery Education   What's Different? In the Nick of Rhyme Help Super Grover and his friends find the rhyming words.    Back to Reading Language Arts Student Page


Following Directions Quick View

Hide and Peep - Watch and listen to see where Peep and his friends are hiding. Can you remember where they are and then find them all?   What's Different? - from Fisher Price The two pictures are ALMOST the same. Click on the things in the second picture that are different from the first picture.   Funny Photos - from Martha...


Early Childhood Language Resource Quick View

Teachers: Click here  for Literacy resources you can use with your projectors.                             Back to Reading Language Arts Teacher Page


Handbook for Parents Attach Quick View

The prekindergarten program in the Plano Independent School District has been developed within the Texas Education Agency guidelines. The program is uniquely adapted to meet the needs and interests of the prekindergarten child. The prekindergarten program is designed to promote children’s knowledge and skills in all developmental areas—cognitive, social/emotional, physical, and aesthetic—and to...