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Dates to know. . .

View important eSchool Summer Dates & Deadlines

In order to have an eSchool course credit for graduation in June 2016:

  • Graduating seniors must register for a course before March 31, 2017.

  • Graduating seniors must complete all course work by May 19, 2017.

Plano ISD summer graduating seniors must complete all course work no later than July 21, 2017.

Students in grades 9 through 12 may continue to register for Off Campus courses. Students who will be in the 9th grade in the Fall of 2017 may take course/s over the summer break.

Note: Plano ISD students will need their counselor's approval to take online courses.

All students registering for a summer course/s should register no more than 1 week before they wish to begin the course/s.

Also, there are limited number of "seats" in each eSchool course. Registration for each course closes when that course is full and opens again as places become available. Therefore, registration for an eSchool course may be open or closed at any time. Courses that are not linked are closed for registrations.

Before you register for a course, please make sure that you read and understand the PISD Policy Guidelines/Handbook. Adherence to these guidelines, for example those concerning academic integrity, will be expected and consequences enforced. Each student will have a specific schedule for completing and turning in assignments.

The Plano ISD eSchool Policy and Guidelines/Handbook is in PDF format. You will need Acrobat Reader software on your computer in order to view it. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free, and you will find the link in the "Free Downloads" tab.

Once you have registered for a course...
  • The eSchool office will process that registration and send an email to the address you list in your registration.
  • The email address must be an active, functional account that will handle attachments of significant size.
  • When you register for an eSchool course, please make sure that you provide the email address that you intend to use throughout your course.
  • Please check your email for the information necessary to begin your course. You should receive this email within 5 business days of your registration. If you haven't received an email within 5 business days please contact the eSchool office at 469-752-8894.

Points to consider...

Students may enroll in no more than two eSchool courses at one time. If a student needs both semesters of a 2 semester course, he/she may register for and complete only 1 semester at a time.

A student must complete a course within 18 weeks of enrollment. A student may complete a course in as few as 6 weeks, but not less than 6 weeks. Therefore, it is best to wait to register for a course approximately 1 week before you are actually ready to begin working.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the eSchool office at 469-752-8894 or send an email to:

For descriptions of the individual courses and to continue the registration process click here: Register Here. Courses that are not linked are currently closed for enrollment.

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