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Course Cost: $300.00 - Credit: .5

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Note for Plano ISD Students:

The English 1, Semester 1 course is offered for credit recovery only. A student must have the approval of his/her counselor before registering. No registration will be processed until the eSchool office has written approval from an authorized counselor or campus representative.*

Course Materials:

No textbook required.
However, students will need to acquire:

  1. Dictionary - College Edition
  2. Thesaurus - College Edition
  3. Optional - A Guide for Writing Research Papers Based on Modern Language Association, Sixth Edition

Course Description:

In the first semester of English I, students will read and understand a variety of texts, compose a variety of written texts applying the conventions of the English language, and demonstrate appropriate research skills and the ability to listen responsively to a speaker. Students will demonstrate understanding through self checks, quizzes, written reflections, projects, and unit tests. Students will also have the opportunity to share their ideas with other students and respond to the ideas of classmates.

In English I, students will examine the elements of online success and academic honesty. Students will also understand the different elements and types of poetry, and a portion of the course will consist of their creating poetry from this knowledge. Students will then study the rudiments of short stories and discover the connections between their lives and the lives of characters within the texts. Students will examine a classic story and analyze how it influences contemporary literature.

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