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Course Cost: $300.00 - Credit: .5

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Note for Plano ISD Students:

The English 2, Semester 1 course is offered for credit recovery only. A student must have the approval of his/her counselor before registering. No registration will be processed until the eSchool office has written approval from an authorized counselor or campus representative.

Course Materials:

No textbook required.
However, the student is required to purchase one of the two paperback books, listed below, which may be available at a local book store. In addition, the student is required to rent and view a movie in order to complete the course assignments.

The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls or Three Weeks with My Brother by Nicholas Sparks

Course Description:

In the first semester of English II, students will explore how literature is a dress-rehearsal for life. In Unit 1, students will critically read a variety of short story selections that mimic real-life experiences, discovering the ironies inherent in day-to-day life. Through the reading and interpretation of poetry in Unit 2, students will uncover the affect, both immediate and long-term, of life’s choices. Finally in Unit 3, students will encounter the challenges that life presents by reading a true-to-life memoir. The challenge for the student of this course is to notice the connections between life’s ironies, choices made, and the day-to-day challenges that we all face.
Students will demonstrate their understanding of these concepts through self-checks, quizzes, research, formal and informal writings, unit evaluations, and online discussions.

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