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Course Cost: $300.00 - Credit: .5

Note for Plano ISD Students:

The English 2, Semester 2 course is offered for credit recovery only. A student must have the approval of his/her counselor before registering. No registration will be processed until the eSchool office has written approval from an authorized counselor or campus representative.

Course Materials:

No textbook required.
However, the student is required to purchase the two paperback books, listed below, which may be available at a local book store.

Orwell’s allegorical novel Animal Farm Shakespeare’s play Othello

Course Description:

In the second semester of English II, students will explore the power of persuasion, enlightenment, and manipulation through the study of the written and spoken word.
In Unit 2, students will read, analyze, and evaluate speeches that changed the course of history.
In Unit 3, students will begin to craft a speech utilizing research and persuasion.
In Unit 4, students will read George Orwell’s allegorical novel Animal Farm in order to understand how an author uses language to enlighten readers regarding political and social issues.
In Unit 5, students will revise the persuasive speech from unit 3 by integrating rhetorical devices.
In Unit 6, students will explore Shakespeare’s play Othello in order to understand how an individual’s manipulative language and actions lead to misunderstanding and tragedy.

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