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Academic integrity is a critical issue in any educational setting. Plano ISD eSchool is committed to academic excellence for every student and believes in and supports each student’s personal acquisition of knowledge.

Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated in Plano ISD eSchool. It is essential that online students work through each assignment in the course and take the course assessments independently. In addition to carefully reviewing each student’s course work, Plano ISD eSchool teachers and administrators monitor academic integrity electronically through the course delivery system and software programs.

Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to: plagiarism, fabrication of information or citations, submitting the work of another person, allowing another person to substitute for oneself in completing course work or taking a course test, submitting work previously used without informing the instructor and securing written approval, or tampering with computer files and/or academic work of other students.

Academic dishonesty will result in one or more of the following actions:
• Loss of grade points,
• Removal from course,
• Failure to receive credit for the course, and
• Loss of eligibility to earn credits through Plano ISD eSchool.

If an offense occurs, the student will be notified by email from their teacher that their parents and local school district officials will be notified of the infraction. If further offenses occur, the student will be removed from the course.

Please Note: Regardless of whether the academic dishonesty is a first or second offense, if the incident is deemed severe, the student will be removed from the course.

All district policies related to academic honesty and participation will apply to online courses. Refer to the PISD eSchool Policy and Guidelines

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