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Course Cost: $300.00 - Credit: .5

Meet with your campus counselor before you register for an online course.

Note for Plano ISD Students:

This Algebra 1, Semester 2 course is offered for credit recovery only. A student must have the approval of his/her counselor before registering.

Course Materials:

No textbook required.
All required materials are included in the course. It is recommended that the student purchase a graphing calculator (such as a Texas Instruments Model TI-83 Plus, TI 84Plus, or Casio fx-9750). However, this is not required, as a link to a freely available online calculator is provided within the course.

Course Overview:

The second semester of Algebra I introduces students to concepts that will serve as the foundation for their study of mathematics throughout high school and into college. Students will explore the topics of linear inequalities, linear systems, quadratics, and exponential equations. Students will demonstrate understanding numerically, graphically, analytically, and verbally through the use of assignments, written journals, unit tests, and a cumulative final exam.

For Detailed Course Syllabus and Correlations to State and National Standards Click Here

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