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Welcome . . .

to Plano ISD eSchool
Online Courses for High School Students

We invite you . . . to explore eSchool and decide if online courses are a good option for you as an individual learner.

Step 1: Is online learning a good option for me? Online courses give students the opportunity to take courses, on their time, wherever access is available to the internet and a computer. However, students are sometimes unprepared for the challenges of online learning.

Please take the time to answer the following questions about your learning style and your technical knowledge to help you decide if an online course is a good option for you at this time.

  • Are you self-motivated and enjoy working independently?
  • Do you enjoy solving problems and taking responsibility for what you learn?
  • Can you follow written instructions and read to gain information? Or do you prefer that an instructor explain each detail?
  • Can you synthesize and organize written information?
  • Can you communicate your ideas clearly in writing?
  • Do you have access to and enjoy working on the computer and manipulating the Internet?
  • Are you comfortable using the Internet as a means of communication and research?
  • Do you have computer skills that include the ability to create files, save documents, send emails, etc?
  • Considering your personal, academic, work and extracurricular activities, can you devote at least as much time to your online course as to your other courses?
  • Can you schedule and allocate your time to communicate with your online teacher and successfully complete the course work on time, meeting the required due dates within the course?
  • Have you read and understand the eSchool Policies and Guidelines and agree to adhere to those policies?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, online courses may give you exactly the flexibility and connectivity that you need to meet your educational goals.

Step 2: Read The eSchool Policy to be sure that you understand and can follow the "rules" that apply in the program.

Step 3: Read The eSchool Experience to learn what to expect as you register and work through your online course.

Step 4: Speak with your campus counselor to ensure that the eSchool course you are considering will work for your graduation plan.

Step 5: Register online. Be sure to check the technical requirements for your course!

Next Step:

Enjoy your eSchool experience!

"As I walk across the stage at graduation, I am going to think just for a second that I'm really only doing it because of my success in eSchool."

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