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Course Description:
The emphasis of this course is that “Anybody Can Be Fit”. It is designed so that students, regardless of genetic makeup or the drive to become a successful competitive athlete can acquire and maintain a moderate to high level of personal fitness. This starts with a realistic knowledge about yourself and continues with information that you will gain throughout this course.

You will begin the course by identifying and evaluating the level of personal fitness that you currently have. As you continue your work, you will learn how to develop and design a program specific to your personal goals. You will learn and participate in a variety of activities that will help you with your goals; you will also learn the proper techniques in performing these activities.

Nutrition plays an important role in achieving personal fitness. You will learn the basics of a proper diet and how the combination of diet and exercise can help you to attain change in body composition. Today's teens face interesting lifestyle challenges.

In this course, you will always address issues such as caffeine, sun exposure, fitness facilities, sports drinks, and sugar. Prepare to be active! This course is designed for you to actively participate in activities/exercises that will help you to attain your goals of fitness. You must be involved in order to learn the proper techniques and to reap the benefits from this course. This course will give you the tools necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle.

It is up to you whether you achieve it!

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