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As young voyagers leave planet Earth in search of a new place to live, they encounter many problems they must solve through the application of chemistry principles.

In this course, students solve problems dealing with food, transportation, energy, atmosphere, and shelter and clothing.

They gain information about matter, the structure of atoms and molecules, elements and compounds, the periodic table, chemical reactions, and the behavior of gases.

They learn how to balance equations, calculate empirical and molecular formulas, and determine molar mass.

At the end of each module, students demonstrate their understanding of the chemistry concepts presented by using them to solve specific problems.

The projects include both a research section and a report of a virtual experiment. Students have the opportunity to interact with their teacher and classmates on the Web.

After completing this course, students will see how chemistry can alter the environment.

Understand the scientific method, and be familiar with science history and the discoveries that led to the advancement of current chemistry knowledge.

Be able to demonstrate mastery of such chemistry concepts as differentiating between chemical and physical properties and changes, describing the composition of atoms, calculating molar masses of compounds, and describing the patterns of the periodic table and the information it contains.

Course Activities: 16 quizzes, 6 evaluations, 5 projects, 1 final project



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