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Course Cost: $280.00 Credit: .5
No textbook is required.

Meet with your campus counselor before you register for an online course.

Please note that this course RECOMMENDS Microsoft Office 2010. The course CAN be completed using Microsoft Office 2007 with some adjustments between the instructions and available software options to complete course assignments.

(Note: If the student is planning to take Semester 2 of the eSchool BIM course, Microsoft Office PRO Edition will be required for that semester. The Home and Student version of Microsoft Office does not have all of the program content that students will need to complete semester 2 of BIM.) The student must also have a computer that meets the eSchool technical requirements, with licensed copies of Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft Excel 2010.

Course Description
The first semester of BIM offers students Introductory Concepts, Microsoft Word, Job Hunting, and Microsoft Excel. The course is broken down into Lessons. Each lesson contains notes, guided activities and projects. Students will be evaluated through completion of assessments evaluating comprehension and production capabilities.

The following lessons will be covered in Basic Business Skills:
* Basic computer knowledge and file management
* Proofreading marks, punctuation and spacing, and capitalization.

The following units will be covered in Word:
* Word basics, basic editing, using the insert ribbon, using the page layout ribbon, using references, mailings, and using the review ribbon

The following units will be covered in Job Hunting:
* Personal and business letters
* Job exploration
* Resume and cover letters
* Interview skills

The following units will be covered in Excel:
* Excel basics
* Formatting a worksheet
* Organizing a worksheet
* Creating a formula
* Using functions
* Enhancing a worksheet
* Working with workbooks
* Working with charts

BIM Semester 1 Objectives - Introductory Unit
Upon successful completion, the student will be able to:
* Define terms related to academic integrity: e.g. plagiarism, cheating, paraphrasing, quoting, citing, public domain, fair use, academic dishonesty, copyright;
* Apply guidelines for avoiding academic dishonesty;
* Apply guidelines for Netiquette to be followed during this course; and * Manipulate Discussion Boards used in this course.

Basic Business Skills
Upon successful completion, the student will be able to:
* Identify basic computer components and their functions;
* Group files into logical groups based on a common characteristic;
* Apply knowledge of proofreader marks when editing documents; and
* Apply punctuation, spacing, and capitalization rule.

Word 2010
Upon successful completion, the student will be able to: * Apply Word basics;
* Apply basic editing techniques;
* Use Word effectively with helpful Word features;
* Format text, paragraphs, and documents;
* Work effectively with graphics and long documents; and
* Create a mail merged document.

Job Hunting
Upon successful completion, the student will be able to:
* Create personal and business letters;
* Research and find job listings online;
* Create a resume and cover letter;
* Apply interview skills; and
* Create a thank you letter;

Excel 2010
Upon successful completion, the student will be able to:
* Apply Excel basics;
* Change the appearance of a worksheet;
* Organize the worksheet;
* Create worksheet formulas;
* Create function formulas;
* Make the worksheet useful;
* Manipulate multiple worksheets at the same time; and
* Develop worksheet charts.

Course Activities
* Unit Projects
* Production and Objective Unit Assessments
* Collaborative learning using Blogs and Discussion Boards
* Final Exam including Objective Test and End of Course Project

Students will perform guided activities and self check their final products. They will then complete all the required projects for that lesson. They will be asked to submit the projects. The students will submit production assessments as mid-unit and unit-culminating activities, and will have a Final Exam which will include a Project and Objective Assessment.



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