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What is the cost of Outdoor School program?
The cost for this year is $220.00. This includes lodging, transportation, 6 meals, instructional program and speakers. You may pay the full amount by credit card using PayPams or pay by cash, check, or money order to your school’s activity fund. Scholarships are available on an as needed basis. Please turn the application (English - Spanish) in to your campus camp director.

Does my child need to bring additional money to camp?
There is a camp store that sales souvenirs and snacks. No more than $20.00 is recommended. Store Price List.

What does my child need to bring to camp?
Because of limited space each student is limited to one bag/suitcase and a sleeping bag or sheets and blanket to fit a twin size bed. Bring to camp list (English - Spanish)

What are the sleeping arrangements at camp?
The climate controlled cabins are divided into 2 self contained sleeping quarters. Each side has bunks for 12 students and 2 adults. Each bathroom has 2 showers, 2 toilets and 2 sinks. Schools will be housed in their own section of cabins. Boys and girls will be in separate cabins.

What activities will my child participate in while at camp?
Students will participate in four classes while at camp please see class overview page. There will also be a program the first night as well as a campfire the second night.

Can I have contact with my child while he/she attends camp?
Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed at camp. Please do not ask your child to call you during the camp session. Because of the intense daily schedule and sheer number of students present, phone calls home are not permitted. We have found that talking with a child during a camp session often initiates homesickness. If there is an emergency at home and you need to contact your child while he/she is attending camp you may contact Brian Thomas, Plano ISD Outdoor Education Coordinator, at 214-914-2603.
For the protection and security of all students, parent visitation during the camp session is strictly prohibited. All adults present in camp will have received the required security clearance from the Texas Department of Public Safety prior to the Outdoor School session.

What kind of food is served? What about special dietary needs? Food is served cafeteria style. There is a hot food line at every meal that includes a vegetarian choice. A full salad bar is available at lunch and supper. A bagel bar along with a variety dry cereals is available in the morning. There are no peanut products served at camp. The peanut butter offered is soy nut butter and contains no peanut oil. If your child has other special dietary needs please view attached document and contact your campus nurse or camp director. See Camp Menu Cycle 1 - Cycle 2 - Carb Counts - Special Dietary Needs

What if my child takes prescription medication?
If your child is on medication, you must indicate the type and dosage on the Orange Medication Card. Prescription medication must be in its original, labeled container bearing your child’s and doctor’s name. The written prescription will be followed. Don’t forget to check those puffers for labels! Send the box with the label attached if necessary. The Orange Medication Card and meds should be placed in a large Ziploc bag and turned in to your child’s school nurse the previous Tuesday before a Monday departure or the previous Thursday before a Wednesday departure prior to his/her camp session. Note: Local banks, realtors, and many PISD secretaries can notarize your medical form English - Spanish). There is a full time PISD nurse at camp to issue medications and take care of any injuries or illnesses that may arise.

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