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Athletic Forms and Schedules Quick View

Frankford Schedules Plano Football Fields 7th Grade Football Schedule 2014 8th Grade Football Schedule 2014 7th Grade Volleyball Schedule 2014 8th Grade Volleyball Schedule 2014 2015 Track Schedule 7th Boys Basketball Schedule 7th Girls Basketball Schedule 8th Boys Basketball Schedule 8th Girls Basketball Schedule Frankford Forms Acknowledge of Rules Emergency Card FMS Behavior ...


Special Education Quick View

Steenbergen, Melanie melanie.steenbergen@pisd.edu Lead Stategist/Dept. Head Dominguez, Ana ana.dominguez@pisd.edu Math Perry, Michael michael.perry@pisd.edu BASE Byerly, Ruth ruth.byerly@pisd.edu Math Edgerton, Brennan brennan.edgerton@pisd.edu Basic Reading/English Hager, Sharon sharon.hager@pisd.edu Sp. Ed. Assistant Haggblade, Sheryl sheryl.haggblade@pisd.edu Sp. Ed. Assistant Merca...


AVID Quick View

Advancement Via Individual Determination, or AVID, is an elective class but students must apply and be accepted to be in AVID. Frankford AVID Program What is AVID? Advancement Via Individual Determination, or AVID, is an elective class but students must apply and be accepted to enroll. AVID is system to prepare students in the academic middle for four-year college readiness. These are stu...


ESL Quick View

English as a Second Language Reisinger, Antonia antonia.reisinger@pisd.edu Intermediate/Advanced - Department Chair St. Peter, Kaye kaye.stpeter@pisd.edu Intermediate/Advanced South, Mary mary.south@pisd.edu Beginners/Math/Science/Social Studies Harrison, Leticia leticia.harrison@pisd.edu Advanced/Transitional


Reading Quick View

Jennifer Valliere jennifer.valliere@pisd.edu 7th grade Reading Vivian Sands vivian.sands@pisd.edu Take Flight/8th grade reading


ISS Quick View

In School Suspension ISS - In school suspension is a program that assists administrators in monitoring the discipline of our Frankford Students. They are in a Ms. Porter's classroom where he instructs them in their daily activities for as long as they are assigned to him. Julia Porter


Telecommunications Policy Attach Quick View

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Parent Involvement Policy - Spanish Attach Quick View

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Parent Involvement Policy Attach Quick View

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Title I Quick View

The Title I program is designed to provide supplemental support to students who have been identified as scoring at or below the 25th percentile on district diagnostics and are at risk of not being successful on state assessments. All students who fail the STAAR test and attend a Title I school, qualify for services. Additional staff positions and teaching resources are funded with the Title I ...


Library Resources Quick View

PISD Library Media Services Learning Media Services Learning Catalog Librarian Terri Watkins terri.watkins@pisd.edu CTA Lois Schock lois.schock@pisd.edu Campus Technology Assistant Back to Support Programs Page


Athletics Quick View

Welcome to the Frankford Athletics Web Page! As the Athletic Director, I look forward to working with our great student athletes. Falcon Athletics has set a standard of excellence for its young student athletes. Your child has made the decision to set these high standards for themselves and make a positive contribution to their family, school, community, and self. We, as coaches, are here to...


Communities in the School Quick View

Communities in Schools Communities In Schools (CIS) is a new program at Frankford Middle School. CIS is a not for profit organization that operates year-round in the school providing various academic, social, and cultural services for students and families. CIS offers services for Supportive Guidance, Mentoring, Small Discussion Groups and Health Enhancement Programs.


Custodial Quick View

Renato and Erica Galan Giles


Office Staff Quick View

Bugbee, Debbie Office Manager debbie.bugbee@pisd.edu 469-752-5203 Arthur, Jill Receptionist jill.arthur@pisd.edu 469-752-5202 Back to Administration Page


CTE/Fine Arts Quick View

Career Technical Education Kayfan, Ranneh ranneh.kayfan@pisd.edu Technology/Gateway/Electives Dept. Head Wells, Cheryl cheryl.wells@pisd.edu Skill for Living/PALS Fine Arts Adamczyk, Lacey lacey.adamczyk@pisd.edu Speech and Theater Garner, Emily emily.garner@pisd.edu Art Back to Academics


Foreign Language Quick View

Wossen, Sabella sabella.wossen@pisd.edu Spanish/French Exp./LOTE Dept. Head Bottorff, Andrea andrea.bottorff@pisd.edu Spanish Chambers, Yvonne yvonne.chambers@pisd.edu Spanish Back to Academics


Music Quick View

Band Members be sure to check out the band website for all upcoming news and events! Link currently inactive FMS CHOIR calendar and other important information is located on www.charmsmusic.com website. Please use the Login: frankfordmschoir Password: Student ID# Staff Cronk, Rebecca rebecca.cronk@pisd.edu Band Reddoch, Mark mark.reddoch@pisd.edu Band Mattes, Aron aron.mattes@pisd.edu ...


Counselors/Nurse Quick View

Redmond, Pamela pamela.redmond@pisd.edu Registrar 469-752-5215 Hagood, Ginger ginger.hagood@pisd.edu 6th grade Counselor 469-752-5217 Peake, Kim kim.peake@pisd.edu 7th grade Counselor 469-752-5218 Barton, Sharlene sharlene.barton@pisd.edu 8th grade Counselor 469-752-5216 Substance Abuse Prevention Fox, Barbara barbara.fox@pisd.edu Nurse 469-752-5209 PISD School Health Services Kari Ha...