7706 Osage Plaza Parkway
Dallas, TX 75252
Phone: (469) 752-5200
Fax: (469) 752-5201
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Office Staff Quick View

Bugbee, Debbie Office Manager debbie.bugbee@pisd.edu 469-752-5203 Arthur, Jill Receptionist jill.arthur@pisd.edu 469-752-5202 Back to Administration Page


CTE/Fine Arts Quick View

Career Technical Education Kayfan, Ranneh ranneh.kayfan@pisd.edu Technology/Gateway Wells, Cheryl cheryl.wells@pisd.edu Skill for Living Fine Arts Adamczyk, Lacey lacey.adamczyk@pisd.edu Speech and Theater Garner, Emily emily.garner@pisd.edu Art Back to Academics


Foreign Language Quick View

Wossen, Sabella sabella.wossen@pisd.edu Spanish/French Exp. Bottorff, Andrea andrea.bottorff@pisd.edu Spanish Chambers, Yvonne yvonne.chambers@pisd.edu Spanish Back to Academics


Music Quick View

Band Members be sure to check out the band website for all upcoming news and events! Link currently inactive FMS CHOIR calendar and other important information is located on www.charmsmusic.com website. Please use the Login: frankfordmschoir Password: Student ID# Staff Cronk, Rebecca rebecca.cronk@pisd.edu Band Reddoch, Mark mark.reddoch@pisd.edu Band Mattes, Aron aron.mattes@pisd.edu ...


Counselors/Nurse Quick View

Redmond, Pamela pamela.redmond@pisd.edu Registrar 469-752-5215 Hagood, Ginger ginger.hagood@pisd.edu 6th grade Counselor 469-752-5217 Peake, Kim kim.peake@pisd.edu 7th grade Counselor 469-752-5218 Barton, Sharlene sharlene.barton@pisd.edu 8th grade Counselor 469-752-5216 Substance Abuse Prevention Fox, Barbara barbara.fox@pisd.edu Nurse 469-752-5209 PISD School Health Services Kari Ha...


Helpful Links, Policies, and Forms Quick View

Links Plano ISD PISD Instructional Site PISD Policies and Regulations Family Education & Guidance Services eNews - Check out what is going on in PISD ePay - Pay for some PISD activities PayPAMS - Use PayPAMS to pay for lunch Parent Viewer - Grading & Attendance Info PASAR - Afterschool program infomation Forms - Athletics PISD School Locations Stadium Locations PISD Athletics Page...


Administration Quick View

Adminstrators Shurandia Holden Principal shurandia.holden@pisd.edu 469-752-5210 Andrea Wigginton Assistant Principal andrea.wigginton@pisd.edu 469-752-...


STAAR Quick View

State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) STAAR Overview STARR Information STAAR End of Course (EOC) Assessments STAAR Exámenes de fin de curso (EOC) STAAR Testing We have put together a STAAR information page on www.pisd.edu. There is an overview page as well as separate pages for Elementary, Middle, High Schools, and for Special Education and ELL. The link to the o...


Frankford Directory Attach Quick View

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