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Lee Yap

Medication at School

A school employee may administer medication to a student at school or during school sponsored events under the following conditions:

  1. To assure safety, all medications must be transported to and from the Harrington school clinic by a parent or guardian.
  2. Any prescription or over the counter medication MUST be accompanied by a written request to administer signed by the parent or guardian. Click here for Medication Request Form.
  3. All medication must be in its original container and properly labeled. All prescription medication must be in the original container and have the pharmacist's label, including name, RX number, dosage, and time required.
  4. Only medications that cannot be scheduled outside of the school day may be given.
  5. Only a 30-day supply will be accepted at a time.
  6. Medication that is expired or is not picked up by the student's parent or guardian will be destroyed.
  7. Authorized district personnel may administer medication in the absence of the nurse.

If a student is taking a daily medication that is 1-1/2 tablets, please cut up some of the tablets before the student brings the medication to school.

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