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Hedgcoxe PE Quick View

Renee Javornik 469-752-1788 more info John Kramer 469-752-1777 more info At Hedgcoxe we strive to keep our students healthy and active. Th...


Directions and Link for Becoming a Volunteer in Plano ISD Attach Quick View

Attention Volunteers: If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in Plano schools, please complete the district's online Volunteer Application on but not before July 1 of each school year. We look forward to seeing you at our school! Click link to go to Volunteer Application


Front Office Quick View

Kristi Graham - Principal (469)752-1710 more info Kimberly Blackwell - Administrative Intern (469)752-17...


ESL Quick View

Nina Tabanian [] (469)752-1780 more info Visit the PISD ESL website.


PACE Assessment Information Attach Quick View

Click File Download to view the PACE Assessment Information document.


Introducing Our Hedgcoxe Staff! Quick View

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Fifth Grade Quick View

Faye Middleton (Team Leader) 469-752-1766 more info Lynda Bommarito 469-752-1764 more info Stephanie Losoya S...


Fourth Grade Quick View

Barbara Brown (Team Leader) 469-752-1760 more info Amy Moore 469-752-1758 more info Adrian Watson adrian.wa&...


Third Grade Quick View

Vickie Grayson (Team Leader) 469-752-1751 more info Ami Gunter 469-752-1752 more info Shannon Wallace 469-752-1749 more info Click here to view what's happening in Third Grade. View all Third Grade Teachers - click here


Second Grade Quick View

Tambra Reynolds (Team Leader) 469-752-1744 more info Ellen Mulvey 469-752-1742 more info Shannon Flohr sha ...


First Grade Quick View

Tamicah Tuggle (Team Leader) 469-752-1735 more info Amy Smith 469-752-1738 more info Jennifer LeWin...


Kindergarten Quick View

Susie Gilrein Team Leader 469-752-1784 more info Sarah Howell 469-752-1786 more info Shelley Antoniou shell ...


Speech Language Disorders Attach Quick View

Click File Download to view the Speech Language Disorders document.


Articulation Guidelines Attach Quick View

Click File Download to view the Articulation Guidelines document.


Parent / Student Information Quick View

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