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Hedgcoxe Elementary School

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Building Good Character and Respect Quick View

Building respect for authority starts at home! Make sure your children know that you love and respect them. Explain that you have rules because you care. Follow up and follow through. Be CONSISTENT with consequences. Teach your child respect for school and teachers! DO: Get to know your child's teachers. Demonstrate respect for others by using a positive tone of voice, always r...


Parent Resources Quick View

Below are a few resources that I have found to be helpful to parents. Please keep in mind that Plano ISD is not responsible for content on external sites or serversite. www.betterparenting.com www.practicalparenting.org (Plano Based Program) www.fsplano.org (Family Services of Plano) www.cacplano.org (Collin County Children’s Advocacy Center) www.athealth.com www.loveandlogic.com www.nimh.n...


Programs Quick View

Art Counselor Library Literacy Music PACE Special Education Speech ESL PE


Art Quick View

Hedgcoxe artists will be developing their creativity and forming their individual self-expression through the exploration of a variety of visual art media, cultural studies, and exposure to influential artists. Students will study drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and collage while following the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills curriculum. All major art projects will be stored in ...


What's Happening in Fifth Grade? Quick View

Fifth grade is FABULOUS at Hedgcoxe! Not only is it the last year at Hedgcoxe, it is the busiest! What a great year it is going to be for the students and teachers of the Fifth Grade Class of 2013. Fifth grade looks like…a plethora of adventures and tasks achieved as a family. In fifth grade we host many exciting role-playing activities such as the Colonial Day, and the Immigration Simulation, ...


What's Happening in Fourth Grade? Quick View

Unique to Fourth Grade Unique to fourth grade at Hedgcoxe Elementary is the Texas Fair. Students study the historic details and event that helped initiate the independence of the Republic of Texas. The fourth graders learn about the difficulty that the forefathers of the Lone Star State undertook to gain freedom. Students as their final activity invite third graders to the grade level Texas Fa...


What's Happening in Third Grade? Quick View

3rd grade Fine Arts Field trip 3rd Grade Field Trip Dallas World Aquarium The third grade students at Hedgcoxe Elementary will take a field trip to The Dallas World Aquarium this year! The Dallas World Aquarium provides an in-depth study of the habitat, conservation, distribution, anatomy, reproduction and behavioral/structural adaptations of plants and animals. More than 55 Touch Screens ar...


What's Happening in Second Grade? Attach Quick View

Click Download File to see what is exciting in 2nd Grade!!!


What's Happening in First Grade? Quick View

What's happening in First Grade : Our First Grade Hounds are on the prowl for knowledge. We have a well rounded curriculum that will support their curiosity by using hands on activities, technology, and collaborative learning. Each week, you can read about what your child is learning by visiting myPISD.net. Here you will find learning goals, contact information, upcoming events, websites, and ...


What's Happening in Kindergarten Quick View

Kindergarten Corner – We’ve included lots of information about Kindergarten. Kindergarten Corner – We’ve included lots of information about Kindergarten. Morning Meeting Every day each kindergarten class gathers for circle time. We talk about the calendar, discus topics our counselor is focusing on and review our expectations. It is also a time that we discuss events coming up and our schedul...