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The 2013-2016 technology plan update was approved by the Board of Trustees on May 21, 2013. The responsibility for authoring the technology plan is given to the PISD Technology Steering Committee. For this most current revision, the steering committee used an inclusive process involving large group meetings, focus group discussion sessions, campus-based discussions with students and staff and a variety of online information gathering techniques. More detailed information on the process used is available for your review. Please send any comments or questions to Jim Hirsch (

  • Cover
  • Introduction, table of contents
  • Foreword
  • Executive Summary
  • Executive Leadership and Involvement
  • Initiatives Identified for Implementation
  • Integrating Information Technologies Into the Curriculum (all levels)
  • Integrating Information Technologies Into Administration
  • Staff Development for Effective Use of Information Technologies
  • Assessment of Needed Telecommunications Services
  • District wide Technology - Existing Conditions
  • Budget Strategies to Maintain the Technology Plan
  • Evaluation Plan
  • Texas ePlan Goals, Objectives and Strategies
  • Policy and Procedure Development and Revision
  • Appendix A - Acceptable Use Policy
  • Appendix B - Personal Wireless Device Guidelines
  • Appendix C - Data Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Appendix D - Problem Reporting
  • Appendix E - Technology Acquisition and Approval Process
  • Appendix F - Plano General User Software Standards
  • Appendix G - Instructional Software Applications
  • Appendix H - Instructional Technology Inventory
  • Appendix I - Network Inventory
  • Appendix J - Texas STaR Chart

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