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Contributed on July 27, 2011 12:31 PM

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Accessing Email

  • Is there a faster way to get my email on my PISD computer?

You can put a shortcut to Outlook (or any other program) on your desktop. From the Start menu, click and drag the program to your desktop.

Sending Emails

  • The name of the person I want to email is not showing up automatically like it used to. How do I ensure that it is entered properly?

Click New Email in the upper left-hand corner of Outlook Mail. In the email message, double-click the To: button. In the Search field, start typing the name of the person you’re looking for.
Double-click the name to select it. Alternatively, type the person’s name in the To: field and then click the Check Names button.

Note: after the first time you email someone, his/her name will show up automatically when you begin to type it.

  • I'm sending an email to several people, how do I separate the names?

A semi-colon (not a comma) is the default name separator.

Using Groups

  • How do I create an email group?

In the upper left-hand corner of Outlook, click New Items > More Items > Contact Group. Click Add Members > From Address Book. Type the first part of the recipient’s name in the Search field. When you locate the correct name in the Address Book, double-click it. Click OK when all names have been entered. Enter a name for the group and click Save.

  • How do I send an email to a group?

If you have never sent an email to the group before, you can find it in the contacts list by double-clicking the To: field. When you start typing the name of the group, it will appear in the list just as an individual name does. Double-click to select it. After the first time you send an email to the group, it will appear automatically in the To: field when you start to type it.

Other Mail Features

  • Can I retract a message after it has been sent?

You can retract a message sent to an address within the district if it has not been read. To do so, go to your Sent folder and double-click the email you wish to retract. On the Ribbon of that email, select Actions > Recall This Message.

  • Can I get a notification of some kind when I receive a new email?

Yes! Click File > Options > Mail. Scroll down to the Desktop Alert Settings area. Check the box next to any or all of the four notification options you would like to use.

Out of Office Replies

  • I’m going to be away from my campus for several days. How do I set an out-of-office message?

Click File and then the Automatic Replies button. Click the radio button next to Send automatic replies and check the box to indicate a specific date range. Select the appropriate dates from the drop-down options. Type your out of office message and click Save.

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