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How does Remote Access Work?

Remote Access is now available for all staff members in PISD.

You will login using your username and password.

Installation Instructions

iPad or iPhone


  1. “I click on my Outlook link on my desktop and it doesn’t work?”
    Answer: The Outlook client is only available in the webform ( In your session, please start Internet Explorer and visit to check your e-mail.

  2. When I click on a link on my desktop a Windows Security message says “These files can’t be opened. Your Internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened."
    Answer: This is a generic message stating that the program you are trying is open is not on the mydesk computer. If this is a link to a well known application like Word or Excel, please use the start menu or the links in the PISD Apps folder to launch them.

  3. "I experience an issue connecting to the system every night around 2a.m."
    Answer: The servers are rebooted daily to stay at optimal performance. The system is down from 2a.m. to roughly 2:15a.m..

  4. "I get the following error when trying to connect to one of the servers."
    Answer: The servers may be filled with users at this time. Please select a different server to connect to if you encounter this message.

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