Students from Renner’s yearbook team won Third Place at the 2015 Jostens Summer Journalism Workshop at TWU in July. CMS Band featuring a row of clarinets. KEYSS Students Participated in the Living for Zachary Heartbeats Run Field Day at Saigling Carpenter Cowboys football.

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Adding / Subracting Quick View

Five Little Ducks - Nice animation to use as teacher and students sing the song.   Ladybug Wings - In the lower right hand corner, click the + sign. Drag the dot to either of the ladybug's wings. Numerals show the number on each wing and the total.   Laughs and Giraffes - How many spots does the first giraffe have? Give th...


Classification / Patterns Quick View

Zoe's Pet Shelter - Help Zoe sort the animals by color or size.   Jay-Jay the Jet Plane: Snuffy's Opposites - Click the picture that is different from the one that Snuffy is holding.   Crazy Pattern Machine - Click the shape that completes the pattern.           ...


Science Quick View

Teachers: Click here  and  here  for Science resources you can use with your projectors.                  Try these web sites as substitutes for the OI that references Sammy's Science House:          ...


Using a Mouse Quick View

Sky Writing - Select a letter from the drop-down. Watch the airplane fly to make the shape of the letter and trace it with your finger.   Paint with Barney - Click a color then use the paint bucket and/or pencils to color the picture of Barney.   Bead String - Student clicks on a color then a shape and a bead goes on the str...


Writing Quick View



Numerals / Counting Quick View

Balloon Pop - The monkeys are floating away! Pop their balloons before they escape, then use the graph to see how many you caught.   Count your Chickens with Curious George - Monkeys love chicks! Help Curious George count the chicks, then click the number that tells how many.   Count the Score - from Fisher Price Choose soccer, football,...