Students from Renner’s yearbook team won Third Place at the 2015 Jostens Summer Journalism Workshop at TWU in July. CMS Band featuring a row of clarinets. KEYSS Students Participated in the Living for Zachary Heartbeats Run Field Day at Saigling Carpenter Cowboys football.

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Destination Success Attach Quick View

Destination Success provides standards-based reading and math instruction and assessment. Click Download File on the right to view the user guide.


Acces 4.0 Attach Quick View

Acces 4.0 allows teachers to create documents with TEKS based math problems. (Grades 1-5) Click Download File on the right


Fastt Math Attach Quick View

Math Fact Fluency program for grades 2-5. Click Download File on the right for the Fastt Math Handout.


Fraction Attraction Attach Quick View

Four multimedia activities cover ordering, equivalencies, relative size, and multiple representations of fractions. Click Download File on the right to view the software instructions.


Graph Club 2.0 Attach Quick View

Easy-to-use tool for creating, exploring, interpreting and printing graphs. Click Download File to view software instructions.


Hot Dog Stand Attach Quick View

Students are challenged to manage their own business where they practice critical math, problem-solving, and communication skills. Click File Download on the right to view Hot Dog Stand Guide.


Math Arena Attach Quick View

Students improve math skills and use math in practical situations, with 20 activities that align with the NCTM Standards. Click File Download on the right to view Math Arena Guide


Math Mysteries Attach Quick View

Students walk through a virtual environment, find clues and solve a variety of math problems. (Grades 4 & 5) Click File Download on the right to view the software instructions.


Edmark Attach Quick View

Edmark’s Mighty Math series includes Calculating Crew, Carnival Countdown, Number Heroes and Zoo Zillions. Click Download File on the right to view the software instructions.


Millie's Math House Attach Quick View

Students build a foundation of fundamental math concepts and thinking skills. (Grades K-2) Click Download File on the right to view software instructions.


ZUPELZ Program Attach Quick View

Sequenced logical thinking number puzzles for Grades 1–5. Click File Download on the right to view the software guide.


Adding / Subracting Quick View

Five Little Ducks - Nice animation to use as teacher and students sing the song.   Ladybug Wings - In the lower right hand corner, click the + sign. Drag the dot to either of the ladybug's wings. Numerals show the number on each wing and the total.   Laughs and Giraffes - How many spots does the first giraffe have? Give th...


Classification / Patterns Quick View

Zoe's Pet Shelter - Help Zoe sort the animals by color or size.   Jay-Jay the Jet Plane: Snuffy's Opposites - Click the picture that is different from the one that Snuffy is holding.   Crazy Pattern Machine - Click the shape that completes the pattern.           ...


Using a Keyboard Quick View

Sky Writing - Select a letter from the drop-down. Watch the airplane fly to make the shape of the letter and trace it with your finger.   Paint with Barney - Click a color then use the paint bucket and/or pencils to color the picture of Barney.   Keyboard Practice - from Student types a character and sees...


Numerals / Counting Quick View

Balloon Pop - The monkeys are floating away! Pop their balloons before they escape, then use the graph to see how many you caught.   Count your Chickens with Curious George - Monkeys love chicks! Help Curious George count the chicks, then click the number that tells how many.   Count the Score - from Fisher Price Choose soccer, football,...