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Contributed on September 18, 2011 08:03 PM

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1st Grade TEKS


Our first graders will be focusing on many different objectives. At Hunt Elementary we love reading! It is integrated into every day. Our reading program deals with learning different reading strategies such as decoding words, using phonics, sight words, and comprehension skills. Reading is an interactive process that deals with story content, and the structure of the language.


Our math program stresses the process and the skill of higher level of thinking and problem solving, not just pencil and paper computation. In adult life, math problems are rarely, if ever, presented to us ready for computation. First we have to decide how to solve the problem and what strategy is needed to arrive at an answer. Then we do a hands-on approach combined with basic skills. We will be helping students to become lifelong learners in the area of mathematics.

Integrated Curriculum

First grade will also be using our integrated curriculum program to teach our science and social studies lessons. What is integrated curriculum, you ask? It is a curriculum developed by Plano ISD that logically connects the concepts, strategies, and languages from more than one discipline to examine a central theme. It integrates technology, language, math concepts, science, health and social studies. Each six weeks we will examine our curriculum under the following large umbrella concepts.

  • Solid Foundations - we will focus on building a solid foundation for the school year as we learn about first grade

  • Cycles - we will discover the many cycles that exist in our environment

  • System - we will learn that many parts work together to do a job

  • Cause and Effect - we will learn about the reasons why certain events occur

  • Communication - we will apply our oral and written skills as we learn about the different modes of communication.


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