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Registration Information Quick View

Registration Information If you plan to enroll your child at Jackson Elementary School School, you will need the following information to complete the registration process. Certified birth certificate or passport. Shot Records from the doctor's office with the doctor's signature/clinic seal visible.* An original Social Security Card. If not available, please order a duplicate through your lo...


Attendance & Tardy Policy Quick View

Absences & Dismissal Regular school attendance is important to the education process. Remember that three tardies count as one day of absence. Students are to be in their seat, ready to learn at 7:45 a.m. the door opens at 7:15 and children may go to the gym and wait until 7:30 to enter the grade level. Arriving earlier than 7:40 will ensure your child is ready for class on time. Our atte...


Safety Quick View

Safety Emergency Information Parents, please notify the office if you change your phone numbers or address. It is very important that we are able to reach a child's parent or guardian should there be an emergency. A student will not be allowed to leave or be picked up by anyone not listed on the emergency card without consent from the parent or guardian. Medication Policy ALL medication mu...


Student Council Quick View

Student Council is an organized group of students elected by their peers. They meet regularly and share in the life of school activities. Student Council works with their advisor, principal, teachers, parents, community and students in order to reach goals of learning, involvement, service, leadership and caring. Projects for Jackson Elementary School Student Council Members: Community - year...


Andrea Cockrell - Principal Quick View

Andrea.Cockrell@pisd.edu (469)752-2110 Greetings, Jackson Jaguars! It is truly an honor to be chosen as the next proud principal of Jackson Elementary. As I begin my 18th year in education, it is exciting to return to Plano ISD. After teaching at both Wyatt and Beverly Elementaries, I served as the assistant principal at Sigler Elementary. I have spent the last four years as principal of...


Jackson Administrative Staff Quick View

Principal Andrea Cockrell Andrea.Cockrell@pisd.edu 469-752-2110 Assistant Principal Vincent Garcia Vincent.Garcia@pisd.edu 469-752-2111 Counselor Kimberlee Spee...


Bilingual Quick View

Bilingual Team Name/Positioin    eMail    Phone Beatrice Bernard - Bilingual Assistant    Beatrice.Bernard@pisd.edu    469-752-2100, x32130 Elena Bobadilla, 1st Grade - Bilingual Teacher    E&#...


P.E. Quick View

P.E. Staff Bert McMillan Coach bert.mcmillan@pisd.edu 469-752-2172 Amanda Stelling Fitness Coach amanda.stelling@pisd.edu 469-752-2171 Meredith Lutz PE Assistant t...


Music Quick View

Music Staff Valerie Czechowski Music Specialist/Teacher valerie.czechowski@pisd.edu 469-752-2144 Kaitlyn Barnard Music Specialist/Teacher kaitlyn.barnard@pis&...


Specials Quick View

Library Clubs Music Art P.E Bilingual Science-Math ESOL Speech Special Education Literacy Title I PACE Back to Grade Levels Page


Library Quick View

Monika Walker Librarian monika.walker@pisd.edu 469-752-2127 Welcome to the Jackson Library Jackson Elementary library is a place where the love of reading is encouraged through stories and book selections. Children are successful in locating information that assists them with le...


Fifth Grade Page Quick View

Fifth Grade Staff Luz Chavez Team Leader luz.chavez@pisd.edu 469-752-2137 more info Carlos Almazan carlos.almazan@pisd.edu 469-752-2134 Barbara Kuwitzky bar ...


Fourth Grade Page Quick View

Robyn Burkhead Team Leader robyn.burkhead@pisd.edu 469-752-2105 more info Shelly Arthur shelly.arthur@pisd.edu 469-752-2104 more info Kate Kuwitzky kate...


Third Grade Quick View

Michelle Cox Team Leader michelle.cox@pisd.edu 469-752-2159 more info Deanne Caldwell deanne.caldwell@pisd.edu 469-752-2133 more info Veronica Dalgic vero...


2nd Grade Quick View

Nichelle Pappas Team Leader nichelle.pappas@pisd.edu 469-752-2164 Elise Adams elise.adams@pisd.edu 469-752-2178 Jessica Gonzalez jessica.&...


Kindergarten Quick View

Lynn Varnau Team Leader lynn.varnau@pisd.edu 469-752-2123 more info Jackie Fernandez jackie.fernandez@pisd.edu 469-752-2121 Debbie Gallegos debb&...


First Grade Quick View

First Grade Staff Alexa Van Hal Team Leader alexa.vanhal@pisd.edu 469-752-2145 more info Elena Bobadilla elena.bobadilla@pisd.edu 469-752-2143 Tiffany Fish tif...