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The McCall community works as a team to develop the mind, heart and character of each child.

Our Belief Statements:

  • We believe that each person is ultimately responsible for his/her own actions to develop good citizenship.

  • We believe that education has an obligation to provide experiences that prepare students to live and work cooperatively in all cultures.

  • We believe that the mastery of basic skills is essential for all students.

  • We believe that children learn best in an atmosphere of support, encouragement, and trust created by an active partnership among students, parents, school staff, and community.

  • Inclusion of all students in our school community fosters the appreciation of the uniqueness of each individual.

  • We believe that children must meet with many successes in their learning for continued motivation to learn.

  • We believe that students must be effective problem solvers, analytical and creative thinkers, and responsible decision-makers.

  • We believe that all students are important, have self-worth, and should be the focus of education.

  • We believe that all students can learn when provided with appropriate environment, experiences, and resources.

  • We believe that daily affirmation of individuals promotes a positive learning environment.

  • We believe that parental involvement and cooperative support are essential for the most effective education.

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