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Meadows Parent Involvement Policy Attach Quick View

Click File Download to view the Title I Parent Involvement Policy.


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Title I Reading and Title I Math The Title I program is designed to provide supplemental support to students who have been identified as scoring at or below the 25th percentile on district diagnostics and are at risk of not being successful on state assessments. All students who fail the STAAR test (state assessment)and attend a Title I school, qualify for services. Additional staff positions ...


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Joey Cobb x22470 Brenda Myers x22471 In Physical Education, our goal is to improve lifelong fitness and wellness by teaching a range of fitness activities and Health. We also like to introduce the students to some sports and games to encourage participation in Middle School and High School Athletics. Students love coming to PE and it is also a great ...


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Kristin Simka x22463 PISD Art Website


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Library PACE / Discover Special Ed ESOL Title I Reading & Math


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Janna Fisher- TL (469)752-2453 Jacob Bartok (469)752-2450 Amy Stadheim- BL (469)752-2452 Alyson Esch (469)752-2451 Our students will learn to accept responsibility for their actions and thoughts. They will be effective communicators, quality producers and problem solvers. They will learn the academic...


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Leigh Adams- TL (469)752-2448 Brittany Welch (469)752-2449 Maricarmen Corvison (469)752-2456 Molly Rice (469)752-2447 Greses Perez (469)752-2445 Heather Darr (469)752-2466


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Onvia Barnhill (TL) (469)752-2440 Pam Zaharieva (BL) (469)752-2443 Melissa Candelaria (BL) (469)752-2442 Rhonda Ehmann (469)752-2444 Diana Judd (469)752-2441


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Mary Birnbaum (TL) (469)752-2436 Cynthia Hill (469)752-2438 Juan Rodriguez (469)752-2437 Nora Valdez - BL (469)752-2460 Lauren Pollard (469)752-2439 Jeanette Cardona - BL (469)752-2465


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Mindy Molina, TL (469)752-2431 Michele Markham (469)752-2434 Janet Ramirez (BL) (469)752-2432 Alejandra Castaneda (469)752-2433 Jeanne Elizondo (469)752-2430


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Emily Tatar TL (469)752-2420 Leanor Cruz-Hernandez (469)752-2422 Janice Cruz (469)752-2424 Lindsay Domenico (469)752-2421 Ivanna Harding (469)752-2423


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What's Cooking? MENUS The child nutrition breakfast and lunch program is designed to provide nutritious meals for growing children. Breakfast and lunch are available at Meadows. Prepayments for breakfast, lunch snacks and drinks may be deposited in the cafeteria using prepayment envelopes obtained from the cafeteria and the school office or using PayPAMS. Free and reduced meal applications m...


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Kendall Daniels


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Jacqueline Shannon Librarian Phone Ext. x22427 Meadows Library Student/Family Library Resources* Curriculum Support Links Integrated Curriculum Math Encyclopedias/Dictionaries/Thesaurus: Britannica Online Rhyming Dictionary Children's Dictionary Thesaurus Encarta Your Dictionary Merriam-Webster Search Tools: Alta Vista Looksmart Big 6 Family Quest Nettrekker...


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Julia Smith Office Manager x22403 Lucia Salinas BL Secretary/ Registrar x22402


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Phone Number: 469-752-2400 Address: 2800 18th Street Plano, TX 75074 Mascot: Bulldogs School Colors: Red and Black School Information Nurse/Clinic Assistant Principal School Supply List: English - Spanish Counselor Menus Office Staff FANS Campus Technology Library PISD Calendar Teaching Assistants