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Mission Statement

The mission of Mendenhall Elementary School is success for each student.


We believe that education is an essential ingredient of success that leads to productive citizens.

We believe that each person is ultimately responsible for his/her actions. We believe that education has an obligation to provide experiences that prepare students to live and work cooperatively in all cultures. We believe that the mastery of basic skills is essential for all students. We believe that all students must be effective problem solvers, analytical thinkers, and responsible decision-makers. We believe that children learn best in an atmosphere of support, encouragement, and trust created by an active partnership among students, parents, school staff, and community. We believe that education must instill an enjoyment of learning as well as a continuous desire to learn throughout life. We believe that each child is unique and has individual needs and gifts that must be valued for optimum learning to take place. We believe that children must meet with many successes in their learning for continued motivation to learn. We believe that all students are important, have self-worth, and should be the focus of education.

We believe that all students can learn when provided with an appropriate environment, experiences, and resources.

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