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Article_bw Attendance Rules at Plano East

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Contributed on September 13, 2011 04:00 PM

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  1. All notes must be turned in within three days of returning to school including the day you return from the absence, otherwise, they are unexcused. Put your ID and periods missed on them and leave them in the sub school office basket, whether the secretary is there or not. If you need a pass to get out of a class early for any reason, bring a parent note to sub school before first period and you will be given a pass to leave early. You must have a pass to leave class and you MUST ALWAYS sign out and back in whenever leaving or returning to school.

  2. Only two college days are allowed per year to miss school and you must have a college visit form from your sub school in order to have them excused. All others are unexcused.

  3. You must have a doctor or dentist note, parent note, or court note to excuse those types of absences. If going out of town, you must have a note 7 days in advance for family travel for any reason. Unless it’s a funeral, all family travel is unexcused, including out of school tournaments, reunions, weddings, camps, etc., but if you have the absence request form in within the 7 days, you will be allowed to make up any work that you have missed.

  4. The following are unexcused absences: Babysitting, working, picking someone up from the airport, oversleeping, going home to change clothes due to dress code violations or to pick up forgotten assignments, job interviews, missing your bus, locking yourself out or losing keys. None of these are excused! CAR TROUBLE: Car trouble is always unexcused, but the first time it happens, you will be allowed to make up your work. After that first time, it will be unexcused without make up.

If you have any further attendance questions, please see your sub school secretary.

Sub schools are assigned according to your last name as follows:

Alpha: A – Ei Beta: El – Le Gamma: Li – Roc Delta: Rod - Z

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