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Global Business Quick View

Grades: 11-12 Prerequisite(s): None Credits: .5 Course Description: Global Business provides students with an understanding of cultural diversity, the global economy, and international business organizations. The content and activities of the course allow the student to develop the appreciation, knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to work in a global marketplace. During this one semester c...


Desktop Publishing Quick View

Course Number: 403001 Course Title: Desktop Publishing Grades Available: 11-12 Prerequisite(s): Proficiency in keyboarding and computer file management Credits: 1 Course Description: In this project-based course students will learn the design theory and technology skills for producing effective print communicaitons. While developing skills in page layout, editing, and graphic design, students...


Business Law Quick View

Course Number: 35530B Course Title: Business Law Grades Offered: 11-12 Prerequisite(s): None Credits: 0.5 Business Law provides practical information such as how to help students effectively handle certain leagal situations. Students will have the opportunity to develop a better understanding of our legal system as it pertains to minors, family law, contracts, bankruptcy, sales warranties, emp...


Business Information Management Quick View

Grades: 10 - 12 Credits: 1 lass Description: Business Information Management (BIM) is a full-year class that gives students a working knowledge of technology and prepares them to be proficient in business applications using advanced computer software. This program uses individualized and group instruction to assist students in gaining business skills. Integrated office software allows students...


Accounting Quick View

Course Number: 355001 Course Title: Accounting Grades Offered: 11-12 Prerequisite: None Credits: 1 Accounting will help students prepare for college as well as entry-level jobs. Students will apply basic accounting principles to "real world" situations through the use of computers and business simulations. Students are encouraged to take this course in grade 11 in order to progress to Advanced...


Business & Technology Staff Quick View

Business & Technology Staff Garvin, Kay Hudson, Malia Sinor, Carolyn Back to Business Career & Technology Page


Junior Student Handbook (Class of 2013) Attach Quick View

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About Our School Quick View

Administration PESH School Profile Academics Counseling In the fall of 1981, Plano East Senior High School was opened with 563 juniors. At present, the approximate enrollment at Plano East is 2850 juniors and seniors. Plano East has a long history of academic excellence and provides innovative programs that meet the needs of a diverse population. Located just 20 miles north of dow...


Administration Quick View

Principal George King Associate Principals Sheela Daniels Associate Principal of Curriculum & Instruction     Kevin Welborn Associate Principal for Student Activities SubSchool Principals Alpha (A-D) Tim Johnston Assistant Principal (469)752-9022 Secretary: Vick...


Instrucciones para la solicitud de voluntarios (en español) Attach Quick View

Instrucciones para la solicitud de voluntarios (en español)


Volunteer Application Instructions (English) Attach Quick View

Volunteer Application Instructions (English)