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Career Research Link will assist you with labor market information, job search assistance, employment ideas, salary options and numerous other employment helps. Employment References Provides info on how to get a reference, who to ask and what to ask for Employment Success Provides guidelines to what employers expect of you Explains what job training is all about Interview Questions What...


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Financial Aid Scholarships CSS Financial Profile adventuresineducation.org collegefortexans.com fastweb.com nasfaa.org petersons.org salliemae.com students.gov Volunteer Opportunities Volunteer McKinney Center Volunteer Center of North Texas Dallas Area Red Cross College Finder everything college www.aie.org www.collegeboard.com www.collegenet.com www.collegeview.com www...


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PESH Academic Decathalon Team 2009-2010 AcDec Team Richa Thakur-Scholastic Div. Gold in Science, Silver in Math Sachein Sharma - Scholastic Division bronze in interview Jenny Chen - Honors Division silver in math Brendon Lu - Scholastic Division bronze in art 2008-2009 AcDec Team 2nd in Region X 51 medals at Regional Meet 15th in State of Texas Amanda Jackson - silver in Literatur...


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iCollege page must be viewed in Full View University Ready Employment - Career Choices Page Financial Aid Community Service Recommendation Packet Click on App buttons for information. ...


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Gary Anderson gary.anderson@pisd.edu John Below john.below@pisd.edu Bettyann Bonneau bettyann.bonneau@pisd.edu Ryan Buehrer Ryan.Buehrer@pisd.edu Jessica Chu jessica.chu@pisd.edu Kristie Diefenbaker Kristie.Diefenbaker@pisd.edu Jobeth Dunaway jobeth.dunaway@pisd.edu David Farquhar David.Farquhar@pisd.edu Sara Freeman Sara.Freeman@pisd.edu Larry Haidsiak mailto:Larry.Haidsiak@...


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Social Studies Faculty Economics Economics Economics is a one-semester course REQUIRED FOR GRADUATION. Students are expected to master the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for the course. A PISD district examination is administered at the end of the course to determine mastery. This exam counts 25% of the student’s grade AP Economics AP macroeconomics is designed to replicate a ...


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I. Teachers: Yates, Perry, Morrison, Conner, Buntyn II. Supplies: 2” Three-ring Notebook – ONLY FOR THIS CLASS Highlighters (4) Blue/Black pen – all work must be in ink Other as assigned by teacher III. Criteria for success: The student needs: A. to understand that the course work is freshman and sophomore college curriculum. It will be more difficult than honor classes. B. to evaluate the ...


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Social Studies Faculty Tom Rapp Department Head Tom.Rapp@pisd.edu LeeAnn Yates Department Head mailto:leeann.yates@pisd.edu Don Allen don.allen@pisd.edu Linda Bowers linda.bowers@pisd.edu Krista Brooks krista.brooks@pisd.edu Sheryl Brown sheryl.brown@pisd.edu Jamie Cox jamie.cox@pisd.edu Dawn Crow dawn.crow@pisd.edu Dana Mayeux dana.mayeux@pisd.edu Paulette Frost paulette.f...


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Science Faculty Anatomy & Physiology Students are introduced to the study of the human body’s structures and functions. A strong emphasis is placed on assimilating information, analyzing and interpretation of laboratory data and identification of imbalances. Coursework includes a variety of hands-on, practical application laboratory activities as well as three-four dissections of major or...


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Science Faculty Julie Baker julie.baker@pisd.edu Biology II AP & Anatomy and Physiology Marjean Nielson Marjean.Nielson@pisd.edu IB Physics SL, Honors Physics, AP Physics - B Johnnie Pierce Physics Team Leader Johnnie.Pierce@pisd.edu Physics, IB Physics SL Sarah Abernathy Sarah.Abernathy@pisd.edu Physics Michael Adams Michael.Adams@pisd.edu Physics, IB Physics HL Cindy Bray Cind...


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Math Faculty Algebra Algebra Algebra II is a strong applications based course designed for the college-bound student. Students are expected to have retained a fair percentage of the material from previous math courses and to be prepared to build on their established skills. Students will also be expected to read the textbook and to do the "cover the reading" sections in order to be prepare...


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Yearbook Information Yearbook Distribution If you did not pick up your 2014 yearbook, they will be available in the registrar's office over the summer. Yearbooks are still available for purchase for $100 cash only. Newspaper Information Panther Prints are now online! We have timely updates of world, community and campus news stories that are completely separate from the print issues. Stay u...