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Mission Statement

The Plano Family Literacy (PFL) School believes the parent is the child’s first teacher in life. Our mission is to build healthy families by working with the entire family unit developing life skills, literacy skills and a strong commitment to family wholeness.

  • To IDENTIFY and recruit families most in need in our community
  • To CONTINUE a program that includes the five components of family literacy
  • To EMPOWER adult students to take a leadership role in the education of their children
  • To PROMOTE reading and literacy for the entire family
  • To CONNECT family literacy with the community and establish partnerships that encourages learners of the program to be successful
What is Family Literacy?

Services that are sufficient intensity in terms of hours and duration to make a sustainable impact in a family. Family literacy not only touches lives; more importantly, its long term effects changes lives.

What is Plano Family Literacy?
  • Priority Program of Plano ISD
  • Quality Early Childhood Learning Program
  • Community Based Family Education Program
  • Job and Life Skills Development
  • Adult Academic Instruction
  • Computer Skills Training
  • Parenting Skills and Support Groups
  • School age enrichment program
  • Research based curriculum
  • Interactive Literacy Activities between Parent and Child taught with pre-session content training
  • ADULTS - ESL/BEST PLUS (Basic English Skills Test); English/TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) & GED
  • CHILDREN - Infant-3 years / DENVER Observation; Infant & Toddler Standardized Checklist 3 & 4 year olds / PPVT
  • PARENTING - HOME (Home Observation for Measurement of Environment)
Why Family Literacy Works

On its most basic level, the power of family literacy is the power of change. It is enabling at-risk families with little hope to reverse the cycle of under education and poverty in their own lives. The empowerment they attain through the education and knowledge they acquire in a family literacy program allows them to take control of their lives, and consequently, to change the destiny of their families for generations to come. Family Literacy has the potential to address major problems through the all family unit. A key factor in children’s success as readers is quality time with parents-especially involving oral language and experiences with books.

How Family Literacy Assists

By involving the entire family in education the program serves as a strong instrument in closing the achievement gap. It is a powerful support for the individual school classroom. This program is a grassroots, intergenerational concept that supports the philosophy teaching English to all. Staff is certified in family literacy through DOE and is qualified to teach Train-the-Trainer techniques for adult education, parent involvement and integrated literacy activities.

The offices of PFL maintain a grant writing initiative that historically generates over $50,000 per school year

The 5 Components of Plano Literacy School

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