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6 + 1 Trait Writing Lesson Plans
Lesson plans to target each writing
trait for grades K-12

Language Arts PowerPoints
Free ppt presentations on a wide variety of Language Arts topics. Very helpful!

Reading Activities
A website from International
Reading Association with ideas for
reading, thinking & writing at home
Graphic Organizers from
Education Oasis

58 Graphic Organizers in PDF format.

Lexile Framework for Reading
An educational tool measuring
reading comprehension
and text difficulty
U.S. Department of Education
Federal government website
with ideas for teachers


Florida Center for Reading Research
Recent reading research


Literacy Connections
Ideas for reading instruction,
ESL literacy and adult literacy
including the best in children's

Vaughn Gross Center for Reading and Language Arts
The University of Texas at Austin
College of Education website provides
research and professional development
projects for reading instruction.
International Reading Association
Professional website offering web
resources, publications,
and ideas for teachers
National Council of Teachers of English
A professional website that offers
teaching resources in
English and Language Arts
Words Their Way
Lesson ideas for word study activities
in spelling, phonics, and vocabulary

Into the Book
Reading comprehension
Poetry PowerPoints
Free ppt presentations, all about poetry.

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