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  1. Charlotte's Web: Pick the Perfect Word

    • Select Fern for Nouns

    • Select Mr. Zuckerman for Verbs

    • Select Wilbur for Adjectives

  2. Feed the Fish - but only the Noun Fish!

  3. Noun Dunk

  4. Nouns and Verbs

  5. Whack-a-Verb!

  6. Adjective Adventure Which Spider is labeled with an Adjective?

  7. The Good-Better-Best Trampolini Game Comparative & superlative adjectives

  8. Free Rice Improve your vocabulary

  9. Hig Pig Find one-syllable rhyming words that match the given definition.

  10. Higgy Piggy Find two-syllable rhyming words that match the given definition.

  11. Match-and-Make Oxymorons

  12. Unscramble 103 categories, 3 levels of difficulty. Can you find all the words?

  13. Eight Letters in Search of a Word How many words can you find from the 8 letters given? The longer the word, the more points you will score.

  14. Idioms and Slang

  15. Analogies 14 different levels to challenge your understanding of analogies.

  16. Analogy Game Choose the answer that best completes the analogy.

  17. Clueless Crossword Complete the crossword puzzle by guessing the word.

  18. Eye on Idioms

  19. Save the Words! Adopt one of these words and help keep it in the dictionary!

  20. Word Clouds (similar to Wordle)

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