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    General Reading Skills
  1. Character Scrapbook  -    Use this online tool to help you analyze the characters in any book.
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  3. Into the Book - Student area

  4. * Become a better reader with these tips on Visualizing, Summarizing, Synthesizing, Making Connections, Prior Knowledge, Inferring, Evaluating, Questioning, and Using these Strategies Together
    Fiction (not true)
  5. International Children's Digital Library
  6. Kidsreads
  7. Random House Kids
  8. The Stacks for Kids  -    (from Scholastic, Inc.)
  9. Storyline Online
  10. StoryPlace (English and Spanish)
  11. Tumblebooks  -   (This site requires a login from home. Ask your librarian for the password!)
  12. Nonfiction (true)
  13. Fact Monster
  14.  -   (Lots of links to all kinds of interesting information)
  15. National Geographic for Kids
  16. Science News for Kids
  17. Sports Illustrated for Kids
  18. Student News Net
  19. Time for Kids

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