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Contributed on February 26, 2012 08:30 AM

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Parents are always invited to join their son/daughter for lunch at Sigler Elementary. We look forward to seeing you soon!

5th Grade
Lunch: 11:15-11:45
Recess: 11:45-12:15

4th Grade
Recess: 11:00-11:30
Lunch: 11:30-12:00

3rd Grade
Recess: 12:10-12:40
Lunch: 12:40-1:10

2nd Grade
Lunch: 12:30-1:00 Recess: 1:00-1:30

1st Grade
Recess: 11:30-12:00
Lunch: 12:00-12:30

Recess: 10:30-11:00 Lunch: 11:00-11:30

This year grade levels will be participating in an extended planning day, which will alter grade level lunch times one day a week. The days each grade level is participating in the extended planning are shared below. On this day, grade levels will have recess at 12:10 and eat lunch at 12:40.

4th Grade will have recess at 11:40 on Tuesday's & lunch at 12:10
3rd Grade will have recess at 12:10 on Wednesday's & lunch at 12:40
2nd Grade will have recess at 1:00 on Thursday's & lunch at 12:30

5th Grade - Monday
4th Grade - Tuesday
3rd Grade - Wednesday
2nd Grade - Thursday
1st Grade - Friday

Kindergarten will follow their regular schedule each day of the week.

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