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Sigler Elementary School Sigler Elementary School

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Custodial Quick View

Angel Rivera Lead Custodian


FANS Quick View

Imelda Garza FANS Manager 469-752-3208 For access to menus, PAYPAMS and all other FANS and cafeteria related information, please use the link below. The free and reduced lunch online application is now available. The online application can be accessed at the link below. FANS will begin accepting and processing applicatio...


Bilingual Assistants Quick View

Rosemary Alvarado Bilingual Assistant 469-752-3204 Blanca Colato Bilingual Assistant 469-752-3232


Special Education Quick View

Mike Jensen Team Leader Special Education Teacher 469-752-3285 Scott Richards Special Education Teacher 469-752-3284 Jessica Brown Special Education Teacher (Bilingual) 469-752-3286 Shelby York Speech Pathologist 469-752-3276 Jessica Williams Bilingual Speech Pathologist Assistant jessica.williams@...


ALC/ELC/B104 Quick View

Valerie Murtaugh Team Leader ALC Teacher 469-752-3247 Regina Tisdell ELC Teacher 469-752-3248 Jennifer Massey Special Education Teacher 469-752-3245 Mei-Tsui Kao Special Education Assistant 469-753-3239 VACANT Special Education Assistant 469-753-3238 Loretta Revely Special Education Assistant ...


Assistant Principal Quick View

I am delighted to serve as your assistant principal. It is always refreshing to know that you are working with great future leaders, a committed staff, compassionate parents, and loving community. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education along with a Master of Science in Educationa...


Front Office Staff Quick View

Mara Balladares Office Manager 469-752-3203 Stacey Nichols Registered Nurse 469-752-3209 Patricia Woliver Secretary 469-752-3202 Tonja Benjamin Assistant Principal 469-752-3211


Counselors/Parent Liaison Quick View

Be sure to follow the learning on Twitter by following @SiglerCounselor Rachel Blanton Counselor 469-752-3215 Kim Edwards Counselor 469-752-3267 Katie Parker Social Worker 469-752-3258 Dellmy Cabrera Parent Liaison 469-752-3268


Art/Library/Music Quick View

Tiffany Newsome Art Teacher 469-752-3221 Jenine Dowdy Librarian 469-752-3227 Kiera Caldwell Music Teacher 469-752-3220


Physical Education Quick View

Tim Roberts Team Leader PE Teacher 469-752-3225 Cliff Lazarine PE Teacher 469-752-3226 Bob Solow PE Teacher


Instructional Support Quick View

Be sure to follow the learning on Twitter by following @SiglerSupport Kari Tolle Team Leader Instructional Specialist 469-752-3274 Alicia Fernandez Team Leader Bilingual Instructional Specialist 469-752-3275 Dora Deboer BL Team Leader Bilingual Intervention Specialist 469-752-3246 Beth Solecki Science Instructional Support ...


Links and Helpful Information Quick View

Plano ISD ePay - Use ePay to pay for PASAR (after-school care) PayPAMS - Use PayPAMS to pay for lunch. eNews - Check out what is going on in PISD Parent Portal - Grading and Attendance Information PASAR - Check out the PASAR afterschool program offered. Forms PISD/Sigler PISD Dress Code School Supplies Enrolling in Plano Schools Student Support Programs Safety and Security Studen...


Title I Quick View

Stacey Fawley Title I 469-752-3256 Jennifer Brumfield Title I 469-752-3283 Dellmy Cabrera Parent Liaison 469-752-3268 Title I is a program designed to provide supplemental support to students who have been identified as scoring at or below the 25th percentile on district diagnostics and are at risk of not being suc...


Fourth Grade Quick View

Be sure to follow the learning on Twitter by following @SiglerStars4th Wendy Zwall Team Leader 469-752-3270 Destinie Witmer 469-752-3273 Ellen Nagoski Bilingual 469-752-3271 Megan Jackson 469-752-3272


Fifth Grade Quick View

Be sure to follow the learning on Twitter by following @SiglerStars5th Patricia Mancilla Co-Team Leader Bilingual 469-752-3282 Sarah Tucker Co-Team Leader 469-752-3280 Tonnett Davis 469-752-3281


Third Grade Quick View

Be sure to follow the learning on Twitter by following @SiglerStars3rd Kristi-Ann Davis 469-752-3264 Desirae Rieke 469-752-3262 Kelly Bender 469-752-3263 Angela deFilippo Bilingual 469-752-3260 Maricela Romeo Team Leader Bilingual 469-752-3261


Second Grade Quick View

Be sure to follow the learning on Twitter by following @SiglerStars2nd Melinda Hoover Team Leader 469-752-3251 Rocio Alire Bilingual 469-752-3250 Cali Hudson 463-752-3252 Diana Thornbrugh Bilingual 469-752-3253


First Grade Quick View

Be sure to follow the learning on Twitter by following @SiglerStars1st April Black Team Leader 469-752-3243 Desiree Chapa 469-752-3244 Raquel Salazar Bilingual 469-752-3242 Luz Valentin Bilingual 469-752-3240


Kindergarten Quick View

Be sure to follow the learning on Twitter by following @SiglerStarsKN Ivette Trevizo Co-Team Leader Bilingual 469-752-3234 Lisa Gilpin Co-Team Leader 469-752-3230 Sarah Noble 469-752-3231 Carolynn Sanchez Bilingual 469-752-3233


Principal Quick View

Matt Arend Principal 469-752-3210 Mr. Arend was born in South Dakota and spent his childhood growing up in the midwest, living in South Dakota and Iowa. Upon graduating from college in Nebraska, Mr. Arend moved to Texas to take his first teaching job with Plano ISD. He is married to Julie Arend. He has one son, Cooper. Mr. Arend started teaching in Plano ISD in 2003 as a f...