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Related to Social Studies - Secondary

About Geography - online geography quizzes, articles, and other resources

States and Capitals - categorized information about our 50 states

Expeditions - an array of activities from National Geographic

Texas Studies Center for Kids - Texas studies information and instructional resources, maps, weather and more

The U.S. Civil War - letters, diaries, associations, photo gallery, battles, documents and more

American History Sites - a guide to excellent American History web sites

White House Web Site - official site of the United States White House

Glencoe Online Social Studies - a searchable site of the publisher's textbook and online resources

Lone Star Junction - songs, archives, and various forums about Texas history

Genealogy Project - a USGenWeb Project for genealogical research

National Center for Education Statistics - statistics and information showing the condition and progress of education in the United States

Old Farmer's Almanac - the electronic version of a famous American publication

Eighteenth-Century Resources - a collection of British History, American History, Canadian History, European History, etc...

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