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Intriguing Information Stability • Children must have stability near the body to have accurate movement away from the body. • Make sure that children are stable and supported through the feet and body before they tackle a fine motor task (i.e., feet should not be dangling in the air). Grasp Patterns • The hand needs to be able to separate the movement side (thumb, index and middle finger) f...


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Posture and Stability • Look at correct sitting posture and appropriate chair and table heights. A child’s feet should be flat on the floor and the desktop should be 2 inches above the bent elbow. • Use the 90 - 90 - 90 rule. Ankles, hips, and knees should be bent to a 90-degree angle for appropriate sitting posture. • If table is too high, elbows will be up and out to sides. If table is too l...


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OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY What is occupational therapy in the school setting? Occupational therapy is a ".. supportive service required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education..." Students who receive occupational therapy services in the school setting have been determined to need occupational therapy in order to benefit educationally. Occupational therapy combines ...


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Audiology The audiologist serves students with hearing impairments by performing hearing tests and other assessments. The audiologist also provides technical support for students in Special Education who use assistive listening technology. Please contact the Audiologist office at 469-752-8875.


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Licensed Specialists in School Psychology team Licensed Specialists in School Psychology conduct emotional/behavioral evaluations for Plano ISD for the purposes of establishing disabilities in students and for educational planning. These psychological evaluations are to determine whether a child has a disabling condition that negatively impacts his or her academic progress and meets Texas Ed...


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Instructional Support Specialists Leslie Schroeder Team Leader Instructional Support 469-752-8748 Karen Brundrett Instructional Support 469-752-8749 Sharon Brewer Instructional Support 469-752-8829 Ann Walker Instructional Assistant 469-752-8757 Keesha Williams Instructional Support 469-752-8826 Beth Bohannon Instructional Support 469-752-8750 Heather Manley Instructional Support 469-752...


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Multicultural Assessment Team (MCAT) First Row (left to right): Rosario Brusniak, Carmen Toal, Bonnie Kahn, and Linda Stokes Second Row: Rose Weitzman, Amy Mortensen, Liza Terrazas, Laura Schepers and Maggie Cardona Bonnie Kahn MCAT Team Leader, Bilingual LSSP 469-752-8794 Lisa Terrazas Bilingual LSSP 469-752-8793 Rosario Brusniak Bilingual Speech Pathology/Team Leader 469-752-2646 Maggie ...


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Psychological and Behavior Team (PBT) The Psychological Team is comprised of a group of individuals who specialize in the evaluation of all students with emotional and behavioral needs. Included on this team are Licensed Specialists in School Psychology and Educational Diagnosticians. Members of this team work closely with students and their families, school staff and other related agencies to...


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Special Education Counseling Special Education Counseling is a team that provides the related service of counseling for students receiving special education services. As with all related services, counseling through special education is required only when an ARD committee determines that it is necessary in order for a student to benefit educationally. As with all related services, the deci...


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Assistive Technology Assistive Technology evaluation looks at the student's needs and areas of strength in determining if assistive technology is needed in order to educate the student in his/her least restrictive environment. The assessment may include one or more of the following areas: communication, computer access, written communication, and/or software to support I.E.P. instructional g...


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Adapted PE Plano ISD has three adapted physical education teachers who serve students from kindergarten through senior high school. They are: Amber Smith Team Leader 469-752-8717 Tom Hart 469-752-8724 David Larrison 469-752-8725 Adapted physical education is an instructional service provided to students who are eligible for...


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Music Therapy Michelle Melander Team Leader Bachelor of Science & Master of Arts 469-752-8721 Libby Choi Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Music 469-752-8759 Lisa Livingston Bachelor of Music & Master of Arts 469-8760 The need for the related service of music therapy is determined on an individual basis. The...


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OT's Notes to Parents Stability * Children must have stability near the body to have accurate movement * Make sure that children are stable and supported through the feet and body before they tackle a fine motor task (i.e., feet should not be dangling in the air). Grasp Patterns * The hand needs to be able to separate the movement side (thumb, index and middle finger) from the stabilizati...


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OT Products The Pencil Grip – the best grip we have found to promote correct pencil grasp. OT Ideas, Inc., 973-895-3622, or Pocket Full of Therapy, 1-800-736-8124. Stetro Grip – a smaller grip that also promotes correct pencil grasp. Pocket Full of Therapy, 1-800-736-8124. Cylindrical Foam – should be cut to fit the purpose of its use (i.e., one inch for writing utensils, four inches f...


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Helpful Links Frequently Asked Questions Teacher Tips Parent Points Occupational Therapists Debora Whittington Team Leader 469-752-8710 Ericka Daniels 469-752-8716 LouAnn Hintz Lou.Hintz 469-752-8709 Christina Leon 469-752-8720 Pamela Long 469-752-8715 Linda Sweeney linda.sweeney...


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Physical Therapy Physical Therapy means services provided by a licensed physical therapist. In the educational setting, Physical Therapy is a related service. Related services are support services for special education and are not instructional services. They are those services necessary for the student to make progress toward the identified instructional goals. Related services may include...


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Related Services Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Music Therapy Adaptive Physical Education Assistive Technology Special Education Counseling Services Instructional Support Services Licensed Specialists in School Psychology team (LSSP) Audiology In-Home, Community Based / Parent and Family Training


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