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Plano ISD offers a number of Educational Opportunities, both on campus and off campus. Check out the opportunities available below.

Bird Special Programs Center

Our programs have been in existence for over 20 years. Though the specifics of the programs have changed to meet our students needs, our commitment to achieve success with each individual student has not. As a staff we are fully committed to the success of all our students. We strive to create a safe, positive school environment to promote student growth.
We beleieve that every day is a new day.

Guinn Special Programs Center & GED Information

The Guinn Special Programs Center offers programs for at-risk students. These include: * Expectant Parent Program * Behavior management programs * Accelerated curriculum programs for seniors * Transitional programs * Dropout recovery and GED programs

The Guinn Special Programs Center staff is committed to the idea that student competence can be built or rebuilt through an approach that combines individual attention, academic success, behavior adjustment, and networking of school and community resources.


The eSchool Mission is to create a borderless classroom based on a positive student-teacher relationship that fosters independent, innovative critical thinking and empowers students to thrive, contribute, and compete in a global society.

MultiLingual Education / ESL

ESL instruction shall utilize the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) to develop English language skills. The ESL staff will serve as a member of a resource team that will facilitate second language approaches. This collaboration will ensure that students are challenged to perform at a level commensurate with their linguistic proficiency and academic potential in all required subjects.

Bilingual instruction utilize the student’s native language as a foundation for teaching academic content that reflects the TEKS and higher-level thinking skills, while building English proficiency to a level that will ensure successful English transition.

Character Education

R Time is a structured program for elementary schools that develops positive relationships between children. It does this by creating an environment that supports and enhances good manners, respect, attainment, and citizenship


The Plaza is an adult literacy program in Spanish that offers elementary and middle school educations.
The Bachillerato is high school on line program for adults that are ready for secondary education in Spanish. The Plaza is available to all Spanish speaking parents in Plano ISD. These accreditations have complete validation in the United States.
Click Here to obtain more information.

La Plaza es un programa de educación básica de adultos para acreditar la primaria y la secundaria en español. El bachillerato es el programa de la preparatoria en línea para adultos que están listos para su educación preparatoria en español. La Plaza está disponible para todos los padres de Plano ISD que provengan de cualquier país hispanoparlante. Estas acreditaciones tienen equivalencia completa en los Estados Unidos también.
Oprima aqui para obtener más información.

Night School

The purpose of the extended night program for grades 9-12 is to provide high school students with opportunities to master the essential knowledge and skills of credit recovery courses.

For students, night school provides an upbeat, challenging program. For teachers, night school offers an opportunity to develop and implement innovative strategies which stimulate learning. The staff has high standards for academic achievement and citizenship for every student. Excellence is expected and rewarded.
For more information about enrollment and schedule, Click Here.

Summer School

Students in the "Summer Opportunities for Learning" program will be provided opportunities to study curriculum that reinforces and/or enriches skills and knowledge learned during the regular school year. Two types of curricula are offered: the regular program and the enrichment program. Additionally, classes provide students with an environment that is both stimulating and encouraging.

Summer school information and registration forms will be available in mid-March. Click Here at that time for further information.

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