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School Supply List 2014-2015 Attach Quick View

Supplies for the 2014-2015 school year can be purchased during Meet the teacher night from PTA on August 21,2014 from 3 to 5 pm. Supplies are limited.


June 9 & 10 Make-Up Days Waived: Last Day of School Is June 6!!!! Quick View

Plano ISD recently received waivers from the Texas Education Agency for June 9 and 10, previously designated as bad-weather make-up days. With the waivers, the last day of school for 2013-14 will be June 6. To view the complete district calendar for this school year, please visit http://www.pisd.edu/calendar.


Important! Student Emergency and Release Information Quick View

The preferred method for updating student emergency and release information is Parent Portal or Parent Viewer. Directions for registration can be found on the Weatherford website under Quick Links. You may have received paper copies of student emergency cards; however, if you have updated the information online, do not feel the need to update and return the paper copy. Important release infor...


ParentPortal Attach Quick View

Beginning August 1st, the Parent Portal site will be promoted to the 2012-13 school year. You will be able to complete your required registration information on Parent Portal (http://parentviewer.pisd.edu) . You also will be able to update your child's contact information and health information, select restrictions, and electronically sign their 2012-13 emergency and truancy forms.


PTA Quick View

Welcome! We encourage every student to use their talents and hope parents will share their time and gifts by volunteering at school and joining the PTA. Together we will create a fabulous environment for learning to take place. Weatherford PTA membership registration forms are available in the office. A fee ($11 - individual / $5 each additional family member) is required. Membership shows...