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Announcement_bw 2012 Teacher of the Year

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Contributed on August 22, 2011 09:01 PM

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Wilson's Teacher of the Year for 2012

Sharon Russell

Mrs. Russell has been an educator at Wilson for 21 years, and has been in public education for 26 years. In addition to teaching her Skills for Living classes, she has won the Plano Education Foundation Grant three times, won the Meadow Foundation Grant three times, won the City of Plano-Campus Beautification Award twice, and has led student organizations like the Butterfly Club, Master Gardener’s Club, Grow Green Club, and the Junior Naturalist Club.

In nominating her for Wilson's Teacher of the Year, some of her fellow teachers at Wilson wrote:

"She goes the extra mile to build rapport and help students be successful. I have known her to be a team player. Rarely does she say no if she is asked to do something.”

“She has devoted the greater part of her life to the beautification of Wilson and helping students not only to learn but to feel good about themselves and grow.”

”She is a nurturer; she is a mother who teaches you about life as well as life skills…”

“She is an inspirational individual who always strives to be a better teacher for not only her students but also her peers. She considers her students and peers very much as she makes sure everyone is situated and taken care of. It is her dedication and devotion that inspires me to be a better teacher.”

Thank you, Mrs. Russell, for making Wilson a better place to work and learn.

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