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Mrs. Belmares’s 1st grade class promotes Dot Day Wyatt 2nd grade students investigate rocks and minerals using computer scales and computer microscopes. Kindergarten students trade in their “ROO” rewards for a “decorative” Lunch with the Teacher Hundreds of donuts served as Wyatt Elementary Dads participate with their children at the WATCHDOGs, “Donuts with Dads” Plano Fire-Rescue Clowns teach the students at Wyatt Elementary Fire Safety through Comedy - #PlanoLAFS Congratulations to the Wyatt Elementary Fire Prevention Poster Winners at the City, District, and State levels! This Fitness class focuses on the human body and the bone structure through exercise and computer research. Wyatt 5th Grade

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Dates Wyatt Registrar's School office closed after June 7th, 2016 Registrar's opens for Fall semester August 8, 2016 First Day of School is August 22, 2016


Register for Kindergarten, or know someone that has a pre-schooler coming into Kindergarten? Quick View

Get your student(s) registered. Packets are ready in the office. You are welcome to come by and pick one up to get registered. Items needed: PLEASE BRING:  Birth Certifícate  Immunization Records  Social Security Card  Proof of Residency in Plano ISD (gas or electric bill)  Parent’s or Legal Guardian’s Driver’s License


101 Dalmatians Kids - Video Quick View

Steve Purser captured the 6PM production. It was a great performance. The link will open a YouTube playlist that will automatically play the production that I captured in 8 segments. Click the red circle > on the right side of your screen. It is available to view in full screen with HD resolution (720p). Click on the "Folloow Attached Link" on the right.


Car Pool at Wyatt Quick View

Please drop your students off at Wyatt via one of our two car pool lines-one off of Gifford, and one off of Coit. There are staff members outside after 7:00 as well as inside to help students if necessary. Students arriving before 7:30 will report to the cafeteria. For safety reasons, DO NOT DROP YOUR STUDENTS OFF FROM THE STAFF PARKING LOT TO THE WEST OF THE SCHOOL. If you use this lot, you ...


Principal Quick View

Cynthia Hentges Principal, Wyatt Elementary 469-752-3810 I am so delighted to join the Wyatt Staff as Principal. Wyatt is a wonderful school and is a community I am very familiar with. As many of you know, I called Rice Middle School my “home away from home” for 13 years! I began there as a math teacher, then moved to the Academic Specialist position. I feel r...


Mascot Quick View

What is a Wallaroo you ask? These statements are a non-scientific generalization because of the many species & sub-species of Wallaroos. Bare muzzles & large ears Head & Body: 55-110 cm Tail: 53-90cm Males are twice the weight of females. Infants are called a Joey. Quiet animals. Thump foot to warn of danger. May "hiss" if annoyed. Eastern Australia-Color is grey Western and Cent...


Wyatt History Quick View

Wyatt Elementary School has the proud honor of bearing the name of this very special individual. Children were Dr. Wyatt's favorite patients. In his doctor bag could always be found sweet surprises for his small patients. Along with the health of children, education was also very important to Dr. Wyatt. His love for children and his passions about education were utilized well as he served 20 ye...


Assistant Principal/Administration Intern Quick View

Chris Lillie 469-752-3811 Hello my name is Chris Lillie. I am exhilarated to serve as the 2015-2016 Assistant Principal/Administration Intern at Wyatt Elementary. This starts my 10th year in education, 9th year in Plano ISD. Prior to Wyatt I taught three years at Hendric...


NEWS FROM THE NURSE - Mosquito Prevention and Protection Quick View

NEWS FROM THE NURSE Mosquito Prevention and Protection With warmer weather comes more outdoor activity. With turbulent rain come mosquitoes. Please review information about the importance of mosquito prevention and protection. Rather than talk about mosquitoes as a disease vector, here are some beneficial strategies, whether you are at school or at home. Drain water-filled containers aft...


Office Quick View

Corinne Dias Counselor 469-752-3815 Cynthia Hentges Principal 469-752-3810 Geri White Secretary 469-752-3802 Debbie Spangler Office Manager 469-752-3803 Tammie McCarra Nurse 469-752-3809 Chris Lillie Assistant Principal/Administrative Intern chris.lillie@pi...